How to write an essay on unemployment

How to write an essay on unemployment

Whether you are writing an essay on unemployment or a further argumentation of the matter, it is essential to have some insights into the issue. First, you need to understand why unemployment is important. The reason for this is largely regarded as the direct consequence of the economic growth which has lasted for a long time. In turn, unemployment tends to lead to greater instability in the world economy, which in turn, negatively affects the social and technological development of the country. That is why specialists are willing to study the reasoning, causes and effects of the phenomenon of unemployment.

As the studies show, unemployment tends to follow one of several trends: the unemployment rate increases in the respective period of the economy, then the effect of unemployment on the wages of other workers gradually decreases. Generally, the procedure of unemployment defense depends on time: the earliest studies were conducted in the early 1980s. So it is not fair to claim that in recent years of economy there has been a rapid increase in unemployment. In fact, in the previous decades, the wages of most people have not been able to cover the increasing costs of public services. So, it is not fair to expect that in the future, the wages will be only getting higher.

There is a tendency for unemployment to grow in the field of industry. For example, in the tourism industry, the lowest class of employment performs many functions, is targeted by harsh competition. Similarly, the agriculture is a hard worker. The causes of its rapid development are the constantly retreating of the human race, which, in turn, forces further extensive unemployment. One of the main reasons of this trend is the constantly rising global competition for labor resources.

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Writing the causes and effects of unemployment essay, you may mention that, in the process of increasing the importance of the job, more and more people find it difficult to find a job, which, in turn, negatively affects their economic prospects. These reasons lead to widening of the range of unemployment, which, in turn, affects the distribution of people across the line of unemployment, the likelihood of success in the labor market, the attractiveness of certain occupations, etc.

There are the following patterns in the ongoing inflation process which may be described in essays on inflation: the labor demand is strongly influenced by the rate of unemployment (indicator by the inverse correlation). In the future, when adding together the pieces of data on the measurement of unemployment, the equation which many countries all over the world use to assess the degree of unemployment, being able to predict with certain accuracy, the impact of unemployment on the economy, and specifically, on the social category of unemployment.

If you are working on an essay on unemployment and its effects, briefly mention the ways in which it influences the employment rates, specifically the results of the most recent periods of it. The indicators of the labor process under influence of unemployment include:

  • the tendency to exchange residency for work (�. 52 million people moved to the United States in the last 30 years, and an additional 4.5 million in the last 40 years);

  • a substantial decrease in the number of high-skilled jobs and a shift towards the employment of specialists, engineers, and managers;
  • more entrants enter the market of educational services;
  • more competition in the labor market;
  • assessments in the sphere of education, health, etc.
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    The consequence is the formation of a fairly long-term, sometimes multi-year, sometimes daily habit of using the free services of the moment. Once, the normal life of a normal person has become oblique and loses its meaning. The rise of a sense of responsibility, heightened by the need for social support, leads to the growth of a habit of combining the needed services of the moment (education, communication, recreation, etc.) and the incorrect organization of the social sphere.

    The reason for the rapid growth in the number of oblique positions is the improvement of the quality of training. The number of people progressing this stage is positively estimated and differs from the norm (60% of people in the first category, i.e. 50% of people in the second group). The level of their education is lower than the norm (60% of people in the first category, i.e. 50% of people in the second group). However, the process of adaptation is quite gradual. In the future, the use of such units of performance for determining the position of workers in the economy is expected to be more rapid.

    The main factor that can cause fluctuations in the use of performance is the difference in the structure of the labor process, varying the degree of exploitation, union regulations, kind of social responsibility, etc. The purpose of such changes is to shift the burden of the public organizations, to create conditions for the growth of output.