How to write an essay on unemployment

How to write an essay on unemployment

Whether you are writing an essay on unemployment or a research paper, it is crucial to maintain the basic pluralism in the equation of the essay on unemployment. First off, we will talk about the causes of unemployment and why you should consider and analyze the problems of this problem. Then, we will dive into the effects of unemployment and try to understand how to alleviate this problem. In the next few sections we will talk a little bit more about the background and causes of this problem.

The recession is considered to be one of the most significant sources of income inequality in the United States. So it makes sense to study how it works. So, how is the contraction of the middle class explained? In the economy, there are many requirements and demand for labor, and as a result, gaps in wages between similar positions are often filled. As a result, qualified workers lose their jobs, and unskilled ones gain it, which negatively affects the bottom line of income inequality. These changes can be rather noticeable in your income inequality research paper. You may also make an adjustment to this problem in your economic growth essay.

There are many theories to explain how to endow the middle class with its position. We may briefly summarize the most popular of them. The portion of the labor force that we are talking about here consists of the middle class, consisting of the upper and middle classes. In the period of economic growth, the middle class performs a number of very important roles: financial, social, governmental, for example, the head of the household, the leader of the free economy, etc. In the system of mutual assistance and support, the dynamics of labor force development is driven by the resistance of the middle class to any changes in the standard of living. So, if you want to talk about the middle class, you can think of it as an independent social subject.

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So, the typical definition of the middle class in capitalism is quite simple. It is a part of the labor force which, in addition to the number of other social groups, is engaged in performing the traditional functions: financial, social and governmental responsibilities, joint-production, agricultural production, etc. Every other social group is connected with the effort of the middle class to ensure a decent life for its members, the opportunity to educate their children and not promote the spread of child labour, because it is necessary to follow the social needs of the most numerous customers of the middle class.

However, there is a broad stratum of middle class which cannot be called tourists, or family members. They are engaged in all sectors of production and distribution of consumer goods, must be included in the social production of the country.

With the development of the market, the middle class is transformed into the upper class of society. In the process of economic growth, the wages of the middle class grow faster than the incomes of the lower class. In 1896, the hourly wages declined by almost 20% for the average family. In 1910, it was already twice higher. The incomes of the middle class are now higher than incomes of the lower class. They comprise an average of wages in industry, finance, education, marriage and childbirth. The wages of representatives of the middle class include salaries, dividends, grants, and other payments, interest, dividends, rent and other property income.

The middle class is one of the oldest social groups, and, in Western societies, it is regarded as one of the main economic groups. Through its maintenance, widening and strengthening, the state can prevent high income inequality.

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From the economic point of view, the middle class is an independent social subject capable of effectively performing its traditional functions: investing funds in the national economy, playing the role of the main taxpayer, acting as a stabilizer of socio-political processes.

There is a generally accepted methodology that identifies several mandatory attributes of the population’s belonging to the middle class. It may be found in any good example of research paper about poverty. The following aspects are of great importance:

  • secondly, the social and professional status (level of education, culture, kind of activity);
  • thirdly, self-identification (with which layer the person associates himself).
  • Another important feature of the middle class is its ability to invest in real estate, liquid assets.