How to write an essay on unemployment

How to write an essay on unemployment

Whether you are writing an essay on unemployment or researching a research paper on unemployment, you will find some interesting topics for the research. Let’s see what you can write about the minimum wage regarding the whole country or the region of your current residence. The topic of the minimum wage can be quite broad, and you can use the skills of searching for the information as well as the professional expertise in finding the valid sources. The relevant and recent information should definitely be used in your essay.

The most valid source for the minimum wage essay as well as any other one of the economy related essays is the Current Population Survey (CPS). Make sure you read carefully every single line of it if you are still looking for the good title for minimum wage essay, which sounds both professional and to the point. This survey is conducted in a collaboration with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Bureau) and the Census Bureau. At first, you might think that the Current Population Survey has nothing to do precisely with the question of the minimum wage, but don’t make so quick assumptions just yet. This priceless data approved by the government organizations could appear to be your key evidence for the arguments line that you are going to make throughout your essay. Using this survey might also be your secret or originality that no one of your peers will know. The thing is that the CPS is the source of our official figures on employment and unemployment in the United States. Furthermore, when you read it attentively, you will find that it carries the information on minimum wage earners. A variety of background information useful for an academic paper like the minimum wage vs living wage essay, you could also find in the materials of the legislative agency called the Congressional Research Service, being the branch agency from the Library of Congress. They have renewed their interest for the question of the possibility of raising the minimum wage and consequently, in their papers you will find the massive amount of information about the possibilities of raising the minimum wage.

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While reading their interesting opinions on the analysis of the key factors to the probability of raising the minimum wage, you could also find the valuable information source for questions to explore in the alternatives to minimum wage increase essay. In their papers there is a lot of text to read written in a specific formal language so taking the facts that you will need as the credible evidence source for your academic assignment thesis statement will be the most challenging part of the research of these official sources. As you would clearly see, the experts propose lots of well-explained and well-researched alternatives to raising the minimum wage that would not harm the economics but also would help low-wage workers to earn an adequate amount of money for the living. You could also include that type of data and opinions in your minimum wage criticism economics essay. For example, some of the experts propose an expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) as an often-mentioned alternative to raising the minimum wage. The thing is that, with the help of the child tax credit, the young families would have the opportunity to receive income supplements and also could qualify for some of the other benefits from the government including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps). However, they also mention that minimum wage and earnings supplement policies have differing impacts, depending on a worker’s family type. You could also claim that the relevant income for the low-wage workers ideally should be possible not only for families with little children but for all of the low-wage workers.

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If you have already crafted a well-researched and logically correct outline for your essay and you are happy with the sources of the reference, there could be one more obstacle before you nail it. As we all know, the hardest step is always the first one. That’s why, the next thing you might be wondering about is how to start an essay about minimum wage. Obviously, for getting that thing rolling, you absolutely need an engaging hook phrase to start with. Then you might give your reader a little bit of the background information to set the stage for your further exploration. Especially if you are going to be talking about the history of minimum wage essay, because not everyone is so familiar with what have happened before we were born. Even though, no matter the specific field of study that you are going to develop in your academic paper, you surely need to mind your audience carefully before you start. Let’s say, you are writing a minimum wage essay for the academic paper. The first thing that you need to check is the audience of your essay. Are they professionals in the field that you are writing about, or are they just the random audience? Let’s see. The first thing that you need to learn about the subject is that there are two main types of assumptions that need to be made in the first place. Those are the assumptions that you need to prove in order to become true.