How to write an essay on unemployment

How to write an essay on unemployment

Whether you are writing an essay on unemployment or a slightly different type of an academic assignment, there are few ways to cover all these nuances. Let us jump right into the analysis.

As you might have already guessed it, unemployment essay is quite similar to the most common of the academic assignments. What you need to do before starting to write an assignment is to decide if you have enough information and yet, how to tightly control the flow of information that you have. We will dive deeper into the particular of the topic, but, first, we will give you some general guidance.

Among all the various branches of subjects, unemployment essay can be considered one of the most difficult, since it is quite complex. What make this particular problem even harder for the vast majority of students, is the fact that unemployment is a pressing issue nowadays, which greatly influences the decisions of employers, talent, and even work schedule of every person. Let us explain what the employment rates are and how often they occur in various regions of the globe. The fact is that unemployment rates indicate the degree of the economic health of a country. It is generally accepted to be as the key factor that affects unemployment rates, which in turn, affects the wage rates, the composition of the workforce, and so on. In the society, it is validated through the unemployment rates which the government considers as the main indicator of the economic health of a country.

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So, when you are working on an essay on unemployment, it is appropriate to start with this fact that unemployment rates are all closely related to the economic growth. This is something to mention in your paper about the personal and social impact of unemployment. In so many ways, it is already known. But when it comes to the topic of the essay, it is quite difficult to cover. The reason for that is the fact that unemployment rates are an indicator of the level of economic health of a country. That is why it is difficult for the society to set consistent terms of unemployment rates, although the government tries to fight this problem. In its initiatives, the government usually includes programs for the improvement of the economic situation including the program for the elimination of unemployment, promotion of the employment rate and the amendment of the minimum wage, which you should be described in your prevention of unemployment essay.

The most popular unemployment statistics are the data on unemployment rates. Various sources of information on unemployment rates are used, but the most important source is the Current Population Survey (CPS). Make sure you read carefully every single line of it if you are looking for the best arguments for your essay on unemployment. Using this survey might also be your secret or originality that no one of your peers will know. The thing is that the CPS is the most widely used source of information on employment rates in the United States. Moreover, with the development of the individual economy, the minimum wage rates have quite consistently increased in recent years. In the years of the Reagan administration, it increased by almost 20 times, and the first signs of a problem were already visible. The reason for that was the change in the attitude of the society to the minimum wage, which enabled the workers to continue to earn more money. And the government intended to make it as high as possible. So, as we can see, whenever the society is tolerant of the minimum wage, it tends to have a better economic condition.

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However, if you are looking for the highest possible amount of facts about the minimum wage, the thing is that the Current Population Survey has its own internal division which falls on the 1970s. Since that survey is devoted to the problem of the unemployed and under-employment, you might think that it is quite difficult to understand. Well, the thing is that the CPS is a data based on a set of variables. It is understandable in some way that the complicated survey of the economy is not easy to read, which, in turn, only leaves its participants guessing and making mistakes. Inflation is one of the main concerns of the Central Statistics Board, which may serve as one of the most important reasons for the instability of the economy and the inability of some to find their adequate job positions. Inflation will most likely cause the recession of the economy if you care about it. Therefore, you might think that unemployment is something that the society is not tolerant of. If you are working on an essay on unemployment, you might make it more specific looking for the facts about the minimum wage. But, in fact, the situation is not that complicated. The minimum wage is not a legal requirement and is a part of the economy, just like the data on the unemployment rate. So, you might be interested in looking at the bit if you want to know the reasons for it in the economic field. In the essay, you will be required to explain the history of the minimum wages laws and the ways they got approved.

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While being a little more serious, you have to remember about the time period of the minimum wage history.