How to write an essay on unemployment

How to write an essay on unemployment

Whether you are assigned to write an essay on unemployment or to build a perfect academic paper, there are several tips on how to reach the goal. First of all, don’t worry if you don’t like the theme. It is normal to focus on some small issue that is related to your personal experience or the experience of others. Second, make sure that you possess the relevant background. The belief that the topic will be useful for you is also quite understandable. This is partly true. Each of the professors may have their own agenda. And the topic of the essay may be tailored to reflect the position of the author who is ideologically or ideologically neutral. Sometimes, it’s also worth to mention that you can write about several issues one when developing these various topics.

The next thing that you can do is to write about a few issues. To start, think about what you can write about the minimum wage. The topic of the essay on minimum wage could be devoted to the following issues:

  • the role of the minimum wages laws as well as when and how they are applied in the country’s business and industry;
  • the impact of the minimum wages on businesses and the jobs offered by certain workers;
  • the degree of the competition in the labor market;
  • assessment of the impact of the law and measures to enforce it.
  • Another major area of research is the free economy. This is the sphere of economy in which various values of individuals are based. The rise of the minimum wage could lead to the destruction of these values, which, in turn, would lead to the increase in the unemployment rate. So, when creating policies on the minimum wage, it is important to give an assessment of the free economy, which is usually based on about 40% of the US population.

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    When writing about minimum wage, you could also mention that one of the reasons for increasing the minimum salary is the very fact that, in the broad sense, the middle class is already at the stage of structural and economic recovery. This period is characterized by the gradual increase in the role of the middle class in the social structure of society, its desire for equal distribution of market income, and the possibility of its further improvement. In this regard, the normalization of the middle class in society refers to the process of social stratification, which is aimed at equalizing the process of social control over the country.

    Another important factor that you could add to the economic inequality essay topics is gender inequality. In the United States, the gender inequality in the upper and middle classes of the free white population has increased significantly since the end of the last century. The ratio between men and women has shortened. The gender of the head of the family is less than the gender of the earth. This phenomenon exists in different states of the same state. The discrepancy in the wage rates among men and women (or the ratio between men and women) often has a tendency to be linear, and the degree of inequality in the world increases.

    Gender inequality in the United States for income inequality research paper

    The topic of gender inequality in the United States is invariably relevant not only among the American historians, but also among public figures, politicians, in the broad circles of the US public. Important ideological motives always were at the heart of their perception of this problem.

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    The main one is connected with a different interpretation of the category of “equality” which, since the emergence of American civilization, has acted as one of its core values. In the minds of many Americans, it meant and means equality of opportunities. It may be emphasized in the upside of income inequality essay that this interpretation provides a basis for justifying economic imbalance, since, in the presence of equality of opportunities, individuals with different abilities achieve different results.

    But the number of Americans who believe that the society is obliged to ensure a certain leveling of the results of citizens’ activities through reforms increased in recent years. They state that there is no exemplary equality of opportunities in real life, and poverty is unacceptable in a developed modern society.

    Such a worldview difference seriously influences the approaches and conclusions of American researchers addressing the problem of economic inequality. The discrepancies between theories are also determined by the difference in methodological and methodical approaches, used sources.

    In general, all researchers can be divided into optimists and pessimists. The representatives of first group believe that the economic inequality in the US did not acquire a threatening or dramatic character and did not contradict public justice. The second group is convinced that there were sharp economic contrasts at all or many stages of American history, and this inequality deserves a critical evaluation.

    In the course of writing an income inequality exploratory essay, you need to develop own point of view, to formulate it in a clear thesis and to provide worthy arguments. The best evidence is examples from life. To use them skillfully, you have to consider the history of the United States in detail.