How to write an essay on unemployment.

How to write an essay on unemployment.

Let’s first consider the importance of employment, which in the opinion of economic theorists is the main tool for overcoming poverty:

  • There are many civilizations in the world. The economic activity of each of them determines the level of social stratification.
  • In each country of the developed countries of the world, there are factories, offices, and factories, means of production, available sources of consumer goods, etc.
  • The population, having gained education, has also made great strides. The level of education is usually high. Secondary schools and universities are opened, the number of students is huge. Also, the number of working women increases.
  • Virtually all qualitative and quantitative characteristics of modern society are recognized. But there are specialists in sociology who doubt the importance of such trends. The truth is that they do not affect the fundamentals of the distribution of economic wealth.
  • The wealth is traditionally regarded as an independent value. Its optimal allocation is held in the balance, though social processes subtly influence it.
  • But, in the modern form, wealth is not an independent value. It is owned by the economic elite, primarily by urban and professional class. Its allocation is shifted to the strengths of these groups, as well as any other factors influencing economic inequality.
  • In the process of economic growth, the social stratification of the population occurs. The upper and middle classes become a “class” in the minds of the participants. But this stratification does not lead to a fundamental change in the class structure of society. In the course of the period of economic democracy, the upper and middle classes resort to a certain decrease in their social status. The process of social mobility is aided by increasing the freedom of the media and the ability to broadcast information. All this allows to keep the social dialogue open and during the elections, the participation of different ideological and religious groups.
  • In the system of economic liberalism, the rhetoric of the economy is associated with a rational, sober attitude towards the ways of achieving economic goals.
  • The discourse of modern American politics is based on the language of modern progress. The state is considered as a social institution, the basis of progress, ideas of the future of the national economy.
  • “Building a nation,” – a mindset of the average American.
  • “It is believed that a person is free from hunger,” – what is said by Americans today.
  • “Protection” is another term in the rhetoric of modern American politics. It means the arrangements that are considered to be the most important in the distribution of national wealth. The basis of this protection is the state, the laws of individual entrepreneurship. They ensure the appropriate distribution of income and are aimed at improving the material situation, improving the standard of living.
  • And, in the framework of economic democracy, the state provides the following guarantees:
  • The first thing the government will be able to provide is free education for all.
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    You should be able to keep the jobs of high value.

  • For sure, some level of income equality is expected in the future, but it is already possible to show the first signs of economic freedom in the economy.
  • The number of participants in the game is very different from the equilibrium of outcomes in the real world.
  • The social composition of the upper and middle classes is influenced by the level of national self-respect in the eyes of the social elite. In America, the upper and middle classes constitute a single, fully realized social group. Each of them feels the influence of these values.
  • Economic freedom (economic status, position, & lot of other ways) only if it is supported by social mobility. In America, the requirements for the level of social mobility are reinforced by the procedures of the democratization of the distribution of national wealth.
  • The aspiration for equality of opportunities is a characteristic of the American idea of the future. It is the basis of the formation of a program for improving the standard of living and improving the opportunity of the many citizens: it includes the following components: equality of opportunities, social security, benefits for mothers, etc.
  • Liberty, justice and universal peace.
  • The ideal of the ideal United States.