How to write an essay on welfare

How to write an essay on welfare

This type of paper is very popular among the educational institutions. The scope of knowledge of welfare in the world is very wide: financial, technical, operational, and strategic.

Most countries provide assistance to families and individuals suffering from ill-treatment at home. This practice should be stopped. As a matter of urgency, it is necessary to identify existing problems and establish effective measures to tackle them.

Among all types of responsibilities, welfare is the most important. The welfare system requires modernization, and the employees of the first ministries (healthcare, education, police) but by themselves, it is also most important for the society as a whole to contribute to it. In the future, when replacing the regular family consisting of children and adults, the role of family as one of the institutions of socialization will be extremely important.

The next important feature of the family is its ability to generate wealth. The stage of accumulation of wealth is characteristic for all generations. The type of economic activity is always determined by the level of the productive forces development.

In the period of economic recovery, the family does not only provide a material but also provides an invaluable service: it is the main institution the connection between the material and spiritual resources of the person. Through the family, generations replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers find it to be an effective rehabilitation for people who were forced to survive without the natural means of production.

As the surveys of the foreign countries show, the family is a symbol of modern society. Most often the values of people lie within the framework of the family, even though they sometimes don’t recognize this institution as one of the top families of society. Yet, the family is extremely important for all sections of society, and it immediately provides the basic means of livelihood for a person.

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The culture of the family is founded on a basis of mutual trust and love between the adult and the children, and this trust is instrumental to the system of social values. Through the family, generations replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. As a result, the privilege of the older generations and the lack of opportunity to be recognized is partly due to the structural disadvantages of the family, which, in turn, is influenced by the social value of the marriage.

The value of the marriage is determined by the functions it performs: childbearing and primary socialization of a woman and children, socialization of a man and women. Establishing the value of the marriage is therefore an important task for modern families.

Marriage has become as common as personal intercourse. The number of couples married annually is growing, and the number of marriages is difficult to regulate. The causes of marriage may be very diverse. However, in the end, the marriage tends to result in the lifelong friendship of children, and the most important form of this relationship is marriage.

There are studies in favor of marriage being a romantic union: reproductive phase and childbearing. Since such unions are regulated by law, they have a more stable character. However, the interpretation of the marriage in the modern form of social institutions is quite narrow, and the ways in which love and marriage arise (and are related to each other) are circumscribed.

A number of marital relationships arise: sexual, parental and social (social), spiritual and religious (family), relationship of children and parents, friendship, among others.

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Structure of family values for essays on family values

The value of the family is founded on the principle of human equality. It means and means equality of partners: husband – wife, parents – children, spouses – relatives, children – grandparents.

A number of basic moral values for the family of man and woman which should be indicated in essays on family relationships:

  • freedom of activity, self-determination, responsibility for own actions;
  • the absence of any extraneous influences, no need for outside support.
  • A number of traditional values related to the family, as a rule, are based on the traditions of the ancient Greek philosophy:

  • Osmosis is the child’s perception of a decision, the essence of which is contained in the birth of a person.
  • Mercenary is the consciousness of a person’s own personality in the phenomenon of death, without which he can’t live.
  • Day is considered as the beginning of the new cycle of the world. The day is called the new dawn.
  • The new year is often reckoned from the beginning of the existence of human society as if the society as a whole had ended its existence.
  • Religion is a form of expression of the individual’s thoughts and feelings. The emancipation of a person from material attachments is accompanied by an increase in the number of immediate and local indicators of the movement of the individual.
  • Ways to improve the quality of marriage are practiced nowadays.