How to write an essay on welfare in society?

How to write an essay on welfare in society?

This type of welfare is often called social inclusion. A person is provided with the opportunity to directly and profoundly cooperate with another person, to open the own door, to command, to solve problems, to directly influence and change a life of others. That is why such concepts are often associated with the educational system, health, wisdom and love. If you need to write an essay on welfare, you should use the word “social inclusion” because it means a set of closely interrelated and mutually beneficial relationships between people, their mutual assistance and assistance, the opportunity to share own life experience and to act as a team member, to lead an inspiring and constructive way of life, to share own experience and to experience, to study the subject, to prepare the tasks and to effectively implement the projects.

The concept of the welfare state is very detailed. Definition of the concept “welfare” in it is scarce. Write in one essay on welfare that, in the framework of the social transformation, it is a set of principles and rules based on the previous ones, which allowed the workers to firmly and effectively challenge the right of others: social responsibility, equality of positions, equal opportunities, and the absence of any arbitrary requirements.

The state is based on a system of checks and balances that allow to take the steps needed to eliminate the problem of income inequality and are aimed at ensuring equal distribution of opportunities. The activity of social and economic agencies is aimed at achieving these goals.

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Of course, some countries in Europe and North America really need more workers than they have now and that’s why they’ve gained a reputation in the international market. In the APA survey in 2000, the following words were mentioned in passing: “The progress of social and economic liberalism is notable in the working conditions and the attitude of employers to the new conditions.” That’s why it is not fair to claim that there is a radical increase in the number of full-time employees after the onset of the economic crisis. In fact, the opposite situation is true: as the economically poor, the majority of employers require their workers to have enough skills and knowledge to perform their work properly, while the highly qualified specialists, especially the ones with higher education.

Clearly, there is a relationship between the abundance of workers and their low salary. But it is also worth understanding that it is not the main factor that brings the prosperity of higher society. Other factors are also important. The health of the worker is the one to be taken into account when choosing a job. The following criteria are of the great importance:

  • relative stability of the economic status;
  • sustainable economic self-sufficiency;
  • ownership of property, presence of conditions which are absolutely necessary for its effective functioning at the modern level: knowledge and skills in the sphere of organization and management, high qualification, information;
  • activities in the field of science, culture which are recognized as particularly valuable for society and carried out on the basis of possessing unique creative abilities;
  • higher subjectivity in the labor market, in the choice of patterns of social behavior, etc. in comparison with lower groups on the social ladder;
  • the ability to influence the social process and its management more or less significantly: the middle class is one of the most important components of the social partnership system.
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    Persons with a higher value of indicators mentioned in this list belong to groups located above the middle class on the social ladder (the upper stratum, the elite).

    An important feature of the middle class is its quantitative scale. In any case, the share of the middle class in the population should be not less than the total share of those groups whose social status is somewhat below. The functioning of the middle class begins exactly from this quantitative threshold. Otherwise, it would be only one of the layers in the social structure of society.

    Based on the above, you can specify the social groups that belong to the middle class in essay on economic inequality:

  • owners of medium and small capital, part of the owners of small-scale private property (excluding owners of medium capital belonging to the higher strata);
  • highly skilled workers with a modern type of qualification;
  • highly qualified specialists of the non-production profile (part of them may have a status below the middle class);
  • persons exercising civil authority (except those who are members of the elite and the upper strata) and part of the officials – the performers who are responsible for the results of the democratic process and have high salaries, are well-paid employees, and have higher education.