How to write an essay quickly?

How to write an essay quickly?
I need to write two essays tonight, one i’m half finished with and another I haven’t started yet. The one I’m half finished with is a synthesis essay and the other is a metacognative essay for mission statements I wrote at the beginning of the year. My teacher is a really easy grader but I need these finished and I’m really slow at writing essays.

The hardest part when writing essays is doing the groundwork- ie gathering the data and information you are going to use. Start by getting all of this information (internet journals, books etc) so its out of the way and ready to refer to when you need it. Then write a general structure, what you are going to include in your introduction, main body and conclusion (use brief bullet points.) When you come to write up all of the information you need is there and you will have a pretty good idea what you need to write. Thats how I always got mine done, trying to write it from scratch with no groundwork will take much longer especially when you are trying to rush.

Doing it this way is a lot more manageable and also means you wont leave anything important out. I would do this for both essays, then tomorrow you can just write them both up which shouldnt take more than a couple of hours.