How to write an extensive family values essay?

How to write an extensive family values essay?

The form of the modern family is undergoing a transformation. The values of people are being transformed and the nature of marriage is becoming more violent.

Marriage is declining. Third-party data shows that the birth rate is less than ever after the birth of a man. The child birth rate has ceased to be enough to provide the family with decent housing and food, and the birth rate tends to decline whenever the number of people has decrease.

Children are becoming more vulnerable to the influence of social factors. They are more inclined to dependency on parents than to independently and society as a whole. Adults are refusing to take care of children, to abandon them to the caretaker. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the institution of marriage lacks progressive mechanisms, and the family, a unique intermediary between the interests of the individual and human community, which were regulated by morality, traditions and authority structures in the Old Age, retains the memory of the natural inheritance. The family acts as a cultural community forming a social family.

Ideas for marriage essay

This type of academic assignments is typical for the discipline. The researcher should assume the following points of view:

  • Kinds of relations between spouses, their interests and motives for marriage.
  • Companions, as such, are directed against each other. Thus, the main thing that the researcher must include in the course of work on family values is the analysis of the relationship between parents and children.
  • Personal and social mobility.
  • Both men and women consider a favorable family climate as the main value.
  • Both women and men participate in leisure-time excesses that are considered as the norm. In addition, the respondents report that the real estate of spouses is less important than the amount of house, and therefore, does not receive the highest mark for family values.
  • The hierarchy of family values for women and men, as one might expect, is built differently. The material well-being is firmly named as an important condition for happiness by more than half of the women and only by 1/5 of the men.
  • The opinion of husbands and wives does not coincide when it comes to the sexual harmony in the family. For men, this factor is still traditionally weightier than for women, but not much at all. Sex is the third most important factor in family values for husbands and the fourth – for wives.
  • One of the most significant characteristics of a marriage union is the attitude towards children. The need for kids is in fourth place for husbands and in the fifth place for wives.
  • The pregnancy period became happy only for three people out of a hundred.
  • The most positive emotion of young spouses is caused by the pre-wedding time. But the “honeymoon” is positively estimated only by ten percent of the respondents. The rest seem like hard weeks when they have to get used to each other’s characters.
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    The nature of marital relations largely depends on the degree of family values coherence for husband and wife, their ability to draw the necessary and common interests in the relationship.

    The adequacy of these qualities and weaknesses of the family institution are reflected in the evolution of the attitude towards children. At present, the kids are better protected from discrimination than young families and joint families. legally, the kids are the ones who are socially, emotionally and physically not able to fight their own battles. This maximizes the chances of upbringing by adults, since the next generation will be “trained from birth”. It is necessary to ensure that the kids are fed, clothed, and fed by both parents. In order to fight child labour considered in the modern society, a function of joint feeding is carried out. That is the adjustment of the feed on the part of the family.

    The variation in the value system is caused by the nature of the family as a social institution. In the value system, there are both strong and weak families. Therefore, it is important to describe this aspect in essays on family values.

    In the framework of the household as a “cultural norm” (function, degree of social importance, etc.), the hierarchy of values in the household is higher than in the conjugal model. In the sense of the latter, the division of household expenditures is simpler. The costs are shifted to the needs of the household.

    A great change in the value system has occurred exactly within the framework of the transformation of the patriarchal family, which has become a kind of norm in the modern families. The exploration of the difference between “average” and “average” expenses in the household is far from the only one possible.