How to write an income inequality essay?

How to write an income inequality essay?

If you are going to start writing your essay from the questions of inequality, you might first want to answer the basic question of what is an income inequality essay. In theoretical sociology, the term “income equality” means a development, strengthening of the status in the social hierarchy of the most productive members of society. Since the main value of our time is equality of opportunities, it is necessary to make a few edits of the definition of equality of opportunities in order to make it clear, easy to understand and approach.

The quantity and quality of income are determined by the degree of their accessibility and economic importance. In the system of economic relations, there is a tension of roles and accumulation of rewards for workers of various levels of income.

The following definition of equality of opportunities is typical of the academic community: it means the conditions in which different people are able to achieve the same level of development. They can be qualitatively different in different spheres of life:

  • economic, financial, educational, socio-cultural diversity, and equality of opportunities in the application of fair comparison;
  • freedom of activity, choice of position;
  • The following types of equality of opportunities are often mentioned in speeches of political leaders:

  • democracy in the state, country, large families, single-parent families, that is, from the groups which are least separated from the middle class by the social ladder;
  • momentum economics, in which the economic status of representatives of such groups is preserved despite any difficulties in the sphere of economic relations;
  • an experimental psychology in which an attempt is made to combine all the above types of relationships between people, resulting in a society-wide imbalance of the social type of income.
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    The concentration of economic inequality in the United States is unprecedented. The gap between the rich and the poor has widened considerably, the situation of the poor often becomes hopeless, which has the most negative impact on the social structure of the United States.

    There is a pattern of cumulative income improvement in the United States: the labor receipts cover the cheap cost of college tuition. Work activity is often determined by the degree of the discrepancy between the wages of the middle class and the wages of other elements of the social structure.

    The influence of social belonging is manifested, in particular, in the different attitude of representatives of the lower strata to certain types of activity, the conditions and content of labor. In the mold of the character of the individual, the extent to which he is oriented, his social position is highly important.

    The issue of the social division of labor is particularly acute in the field of social and economic reasons, opportunities, and expectations of the lower strata.

    The limitation of the middle class in the social scheme of economic relations is primarily due to the transformation of the function of the economy into the sphere of private property. The lower strata will always be included in the income of the middle class, but only if it is capable of level social mobility. Otherwise, the imbalance of income may lead to the selection of professional labor, the employment of people from the lower strata will not be allowed.

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    There are many ways to combat inequality: social, economic, cultural, educational, ethnic, political, social and economic. But all these types of inequality have certain specificities of activity and impact on the process of equality of opportunities. So, to address the problem of social inequality, it is first of all necessary to understand the differences between these types of inequality.

    The social inequality in the United States essay should be focused on the differences between the positions of the middle class and the conditions of the population, which are represented by different measures of economic inequality:

  • In the industrial, agricultural sector, the wages of the middle are lower than in other parts of the labor force.
  • In the urban poor, the wages of the middle are lower than in other urban groups.
  • In the rural areas of the American Midwest, the wages of the middle are lower than in other parts of the US.
  • The level of income inequality of the middle class in the United States is lower than in other countries of the world.
  • Peculiarities of the US income inequality essay

    The US is known as the “golden country” in the international economic sphere. The United States is one of the most unequal countries in the world. So, it will be quite easy for the “Explain income inequality to me” essay that the lower the income of the middle class, the less international money is spent on its standard.

    From the first glance, it may seem that the entire intellectual effort of the American society is aimed at the problem of income inequality. But this is not exactly the case.