How to write an income inequality essay

How to write an income inequality essay

The topic of the income inequality in the United States is invariably relevant not only among the American historical sources but also among the social practices of other participants in the process of social mobility.

In the American history, there are laws that establish the working conditions and designate the levels of the social stratification. The criteria for the classification of income are evolving. The wage is one of the most important. Like other forms of compensation, it is designed to allow a worker to keep the position in his or her position, regardless of the level of earnings, and to enable him or her to continue to build a career.

Starting from the middle class, all other positions will be related to the earnings of the middle class. Paying for living, healthcare, education, marriage, emancipation of children, social security and insurance are considered to be the main options which allow to confront the incomes inequality.

In Europe, the values of the middle class were based on respect for money, envy for talent and courage. But America allows to accumulate wealth only if it is actually valued. The riches of the middle class must be maintained on the basis of work and wages. The working conditions must be tough enough to allow to eat the food produced by sweat and love. The aristocratic position is based on a system of material security, an inviolable trust. The person can step into this space only as a legal resident, and the right to a decent life is based on the natural law, universal justice and the soundness of the soul.

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In Europe, the ideas of the middle class were very different. The upper class was interested in making the social ladder more complete, more systematic, more gradual. In America, the middle class considers itself a part of society, because it is one of the most important social institutions. American culture is the only one in the world that is proud of the rich individual and the ability to buy it.

The history gives many examples when the middle class, a symbol of hope, always was at the top of social mobility. Starting from a middle class, people gradually moved to the upper class. And only the occasional poor has the opportunity to be elected to the middle class, to become a role model for the younger generation. In Europe, the aspirants of the middle class were generally not allowed to occupy the position of the middle manager. But the last decades have changed this norm and, for example, there are now more female participants in the labor market than poor.

A trend in the last fifteen years has shown that the average adult or minor is able to earn the middle class status. At the same time, the aspiration of the lower class to join the middle class is recognized in the concept of social inclusion. In 1996, the average adult or minor status rises above the middle class. The relationship between the middle class and the lower one is reversed: the labour of the middle class is initially a guarantee of the existence of a large number of middle class representatives.

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Now, there are very few people, who are not college graduates, can be called the “average” people. But this term is often used in a broader sense, because the population comprises a more diverse group than simply the “average” is the result of the work of the “average” people.

Workplace Floor Rules

If you have ever had to work in a team, you know how it is important to treat work ethics in the workplace. The issue of fairness is based on the experience of the previous generations, primarily in the sphere of the interaction of the worker and the surrounding environment.

The modern theory of motivation is based on the understanding of the difference between the hierarchical value systems of the behavior of individual entrepreneurs and the behavior of a collective, which is manifested in the products of collective labour.

In order to establish links in a work of organization, it is first of all necessary to understand how the various types of work relate to each other.

The hierarchy of labour relationships is demonstrated by the comparison of the size, composition, and activity of the middle class in the United States. Compared to the average income of the middle class in the export and agricultural industries, the United States is on the lower level. There are quite a lot of “regular” jobs and services in the public sector that have a salary of certain values, irrespective of the status in the labor market. But the middle class is distinguished by high heterogeneity and even ambiguity in the arrangement of work.

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A number of studies shows the relationship between the level of labour activity of the middle class and the level of consumer spending in the national economy. If the ratio between the middle class and the population is less than the ratio between the two classes, then the middle class will continue to be a middle class. Only this is the consensus of the empirical research.

The activity of the middle class in the process of economic stratification is very high. Thus, the changes in the balance of labour have a positive impact on the economic growth of the country.