How to write an income inequality essay?

How to write an income inequality essay?

The topic of the income inequality essay is quite popular today, there is even a term “income inequality” itself. For example, some companies are earning less than their rivals. As a rule, in large companies, a certain part of the income of the middle class is used to provide the basic living needs of a stable, relatively well-paid middle class.

However, in the process of economic development, the middle class also begins to play an important role in the social composition of the society. The activity of the middle class in the economic sphere is inseparable from the activity of other elements of the social structure – the culture of the community, the ideas and attitudes of the younger generations. Therefore, it is not fair to claim that the activities of the middle class are solely confined to the cases of violence, crime, and prostitution.

In the market economy, the middle class plays a great role. The characteristics of the market economy, the size and dynamics of the labor force make it able to significantly influence the distribution of income. In turn, the middle class invests funds in real estate, liquid assets.

In the cultural sphere, the middle class is the custodian and distributor of values, norms, traditions, laws of society. Also, it is the source of cadres of officials and managers of different ranks – both for the state apparatus and for business. Self-regulation of civil society is based on the activity of representatives of the middle class too. This role is called the function of the administrative-executive regulator.

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In order to identify the middle class, along with the size of incomes, their structure should be taken into account. The prevalence of some source of income in the household budget means a certain social status or place in the social hierarchy.

The following pattern can be traced in an income inequality research: the labor receipts dominate in the structure of the incomes of the middle class. Work activity determines the social status of representatives of this stratum. Unlike the elite groups, the share of income from property is lower, and, unlike poor groups, the share of income from social sources is lower.

The influence of social belonging is manifested, in particular, in the different attitude of representatives of social groups to certain types of activity, the conditions and content of labor. Participating in the social division of labor, representatives of the middle class use their professional and qualification potential based on a high level of education.

The structure of household expenditures also can play the important role as a criterion for the identification of various social groups, since there are laws linking income and consumption in the modern society. The structure of household spending is most sensitive to changes in the ratio of income to prices for specific goods.

It’s worth stating in wealth inequality essay that, in the broad sense, the middle class refers to 60% of the population. This group has the incomes above the poverty line but not belongs to the richest strata. Since middle class is very heterogeneous in terms of level and structure of income, expenditure and consumption, composition by sex and age, it’s obvious that only a part of this group can be defined as a “classical” middle stratum.

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Controversial theoretical approaches to income inequality essay topics

The topic of the unequal distribution of income is invariably relevant not only among the studies of academic science but also among the students of law, social science, philosophy, health, etc. Also, the topic is widespread among the results of the popularizations of the US economic and social structure.

The subject is always relevant to the topic. Writing about the middle class, you can act as a specialist and write as much as you like. However, if your topic relates to politics, philosophy, or economics, then you should stick to a certain logical continuity and approach the topic in a certain way.

Rules for writing in the field of social studies

Being enrolled to the university and getting the first assignment on writing of essays, some students confuse such texts with other types of academic papers. Even after reading the sample argumentative essay on income inequality, not all young people understand what the teacher wants them to write. Let’s figure out what the essay is and what its purpose is.

The essay is a kind of written work of a creative nature. Its author expresses his thoughts about some particular issue, presents information that is often difficult to comprehend and reflects the author’s personal opinion. The main goal of the essay is to develop student’s critical thinking skills, as well as the ability to discuss the chosen topic in a creative way and express their opinion confidently. In this article, we will tell you where to buy argumentative essay in the UK and what its main features are.

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The essay genre is continuously evolving. The tests are based on training programs. The tasks of the essays are to test the ability to express the thoughts clearly, not to make typical mistakes. The aim of the test is to multiply the student’s brain with the help of knowledge.