How to write an introduction for a family definition essay

How to write an introduction for a family definition essay

The introduction for definition essay should describe the essence of the concept “family”, its meanings and definitions, scientific and practical significance, and include hypotheses and conclusions. It should describe the family as a social institution, the interdependence of the family and society. Such an approach should include the following points:

  • family as a unique social and cultural phenomenon existing in each separate social system;
  • family as a social institution in which different generations, throughout the history, make up a common life.
  • the principle of social and domestic regulation of family activity by the husband and wife, the above-mentioned structure of family activity in society.
  • The above-mentioned facts are general for branches of it, which you should describe in more detail. But the essence of the phenomenon of family, which is called femininity, deserves particular attention. Femininity is considered as the outer form of the human soul, the completeness and dynamic all parameters of the relationship between the sexes and sexes, the unity of the absolute ideal of human nature. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers study it as a sphere in which personal needs of a person are satisfied most naturally.

    As for the male part of family, they perform a number of functions:

  • family household functions, primarily social;
  • family relations;
  • social duties;

  • health and social protection, and social assistance, and so on.
  • The family, a unique social institution, is also worth mentioning in a definition essay. Its activities provide a unique opportunity and are aimed at increasing the pleasure and satisfaction of clients.

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    There are many definitions of this concept. The ambiguity of some of them (in particular, the gender roles of parents) makes the meaning of the word “family” not only ambiguous but also quite scientific. Along with other examples, it is necessary to point out the difference between passion and love in the family definition essay.

    For example, the imagery of a strong man still exists in the hearts of women, especially in urban environment. But the distance between the older and younger generations has decreased significantly, the symbols of male dominance remain at the heart of the inner image of many women.

    The Another interesting fact for essays about family is the fact that the values of people vary according to the patterns of their movement in the world. The transformation of the concept of family is observable: the idealization of children’s images, denial of childhood, the desire for femininity in the child, the desire for a son, for example.

    The concept of marriage embodies the logic of the dialectical transition from traditional models to modern ones. According to the researchers, in the period of early adulthood (from 20 years), the motivation for marriage is very high. Nevertheless, the motivation for marriage is not so high. Married couples mostly have no desire to have own offsprings.

    In the modern family, there is a dynamic of turnover of roles and positions in the family. The struggle for marriage is ongoing, and this process is reflected in the attitude of spouses towards each other, their willingness for the other’s self-respect. The result of the love relations is the desire of the spouses to provide the strongest emotional support to the relationship.

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    The higher the level of family values, the less emphasis is placed on the problems of marital relations. However, the opposite tendency is the same in the family. The family tends to take on the role of the state in the preservation of its position.

    There are a lot of different types of family. Each of them corresponds to certain marital ties. Let’s consider a few basic definitions.

    Family is a legally approved or blood connection based on a group of people having a common mode of life and mutual responsibility. It is the cell of society where the informational provision of the social behavior of the individual is born and formed. Through the family, generations replace each other. Long before the birth of a person, the genetic prerequisites for his ability to master and develop the cultural heritage (both of the family and of humanity in the modern sense of the word) are created.

    During the childhood, parents, as a rule, the adults of their families are very close (not in close contact, but by marriage). They can and like to take care of a child, to follow his ideas and aspirations. Because of this, the child becomes one of the most important subjects of the formation of a person’s personality in the course of the second half of the childhood.

    During the childhood, children, as they are especially fond of playing, fighting, and killing each other, learn to satisfy the needs of such groups on the basis of interpersonal ties. The clan relationship is strengthened when a man leads a family.