How to write an introduction for a friendship essay?

How to write an introduction for a friendship essay?

Start from the introduction, outline, and research paper. Given in the introduction, you will form a basic belief that is proved in the next parts. Add two or three sentences before starting the essay.

It is recommended to start the first paragraph with a hook; it can be a quote, question, statistic, interesting fact, etc.

The main part of the friendship essay introduction should beshort. At this stage, you should still explore the rest of the text, but in this part, you should not lead the reader to the conclusion. The goal of the introduction is to cover the essence of the thesis, its attitude to the problem, as well as demonstrate its relevance. You can use an interesting or even funny phrase to attract the attention of the reader.

For example, you can start the paper with the question ‘Do you consider friendship a profession, or is it an emotion?’

  • What is friendship?
  • It is worth starting the essay with the definition of friendship. According to the definition, this concept is rooted in the intimate relationship between a person and another person, human relationships are based on the basis of mutual benefit. The communication is carried out under the condition of mutual understanding of the partner, mutual responsibility and readiness for the implementation of any tasks. Friendly interaction is considered the highest level of cooperation.

    Interpersonal communication is a combination of several mechanisms: social, professional, family, intimate communication, business, social work, scientific activity, etc. (NDees, 2005, p. 1095). The peculiarity of friendship is the very individual nature of its participants. Unlike other relationships, friendship is predominantly an emotional attachment. The range of interpretations of the concept of friendship and its forms (formulation, meaning, relationality, espousal, etc.) the subjectivity of the phenomena of friendship is very high. For example, the notion of friendship a “the best of the best” does not apply in any other context (no matter how individually loving, whether we consider ourselves less rich, honest, or different from others) but only in the system of relationships which are ideally based on mutual benefit, and this aspect is beyond our comprehension.

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    Thinking about the cost of friendship, you can reduce it to one of the following factors: individual social status, level of education and social protection, content of the relationships, their quality and meaning. The higher the level of social protection, the lower the cost of communication with strangers.

    The socially important characteristic of friendship is the deeper the knowledge of the individual and the more receptive the communication is. The more people know you, the more options you have for describing yourself. The more your knowledge is, the more interesting it is to read your argumentative essay on friendship.

    Writing about friendship in social networks

    Social media is a provider of the shortest and easiest way to communicate with someone, regardless of the level of payment services, communication options available on the network, and so on. In inline communication with others is also convenient.

    However, in addition to the direct communication with others, we get a huge number of information on the Internet. The Internet is very accessible to everyone, and it is almost impossible to imagine the scale of the creativity and expression of people in the world without internet accounts. People share events, call for meetings and ask for help just using their phones. Even the most genial person in the class might easily have a girlfriend or a husband depending on the social networks.

    Geographic data of the world’s best universities, in which are located such as universities of the internet, are accessible through a network called ‘The internet’. If you look at the map of Africa, you will immediately see that many places have already been settled here.

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    The word ‘internet’ is taken from the Latin “internet’, which means ‘the waiting game’. The predominant use of the internet is associated with the development of such businesses as personal information kiosks, dispensing of various products and services. The large number of personal ready responses makes it possible to observe someone’s working condition from a new angle, which, of course, can’t be unobtrusive. Even the most insignificant task can be mediated through a Wi-Fi connection.

    Fortunately, such networks are especially popular among the younger generations. Such access to the internet allows to view the world from a totally different angle, to be free from the influence of everyday things, and to report whenever you see something that seems strange or suspicious.

    Universities rarely hold personal interviews with applicants and students, although this practice is justified on the basis of the results of the survey. In such a case, the interview with a suitable specialist from the internet is conducted via a simple and straightforward questionnaire.

    Your name is not going to be in front of the audience. This is the first thing that the admissions board will see when they open your paper.