How to write an introduction for minimum wage essay

How to write an introduction for minimum wage essay

When writing an academic paper, many students make the following mistake: they start with an introduction, not knowing exactly what they are going to mention in the main part of the essay. Trying to gain the perfect structure and forming a thesis statement are among the most important steps to writing a good essay. So just like we already said it before, you should train yourself to meet the minimum wage requirements. Off the next piece of advice is to start with the main part.

The introduction requires forming of a thesis statement. You can consider it to be a part of the essay, as it is the first section that is widely presented in the academic literature. It is required to formulate the problem that you are going to discuss, support it with relevant evidence, referring to reliable sources are considered to be the best way of completing the essay. The problem of earning the required number of words for the introduction is usually considered to be 3,000 words or less. The minimum wage essay hook for minimum wage essay could be something like ‘Should the federal minimum wage be established by the federal authorities?’ The important thing to add to this, however, is the analysis of the issue. You should be aware of all the possible sides of the issue so that you would make a good academic essay. The recommended way to keep the essay coming in the right direction is described in the next part of this article.

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The next thing that you want to check according to this approach is the relevance of the source of information. The thing is that, in the first part of your essay, you would probably be required to describe how the minimum wage laws affect the lives of individuals and how they react to the attempts of politicians to reduce it. Thus, the first part would necessarily explain the background of the issue and the concepts that you would use in the next parts of your essay. You can also suggest that the society as a whole has accepted the problem of minimum wage and is likely to keep on with it until the very end. In other words, the essential part of the essay would only be describing the history of the issue and the modern approaches to solving it. After you are done with the background of the issue, it would be relevant to start with the current state of the issue and then describe the solutions that might be proposed by the society in the future if it would be able to live without the minimum wage rising. And after this it would be the time to briefly remind all the major turning points that you have been describing all the time and then you can move on to the final part of your essay, which would summarize all the major turning points as well as give an idea of the direction of your further work.

If you are writing an essay on minimum wage, it would be also valid to explore the question of what the minimum wage could bring to the business and to tell more about it. The following argument would prove itself a great option for the essay: if the rise of the minimum salary amount means the downfall of the businesses in certain areas, the fall of the minimum wage rates means the downfall of the businesses in those areas. Thus, both of these areas would suffer from the increase in the minimum wage. In your essay, you could explore both of them. Make sure you follow the common sense. By doing so, you will be convinced in your ideas without having to make any additions or changes to the topic. If the essay is focused on a real challenge for the society, you can propose any solutions that really work, without needing any evidence or references. However, if the work is academic, you should also maintain the official attitude towards solving the problem. If you are willing to talk about some solutions, you can propose any specific proposal that should lead the society in the direction you wish. Just remember to make sure if it sounds reasonable.

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When thinking of a negative argumentative essay, you can’t forget about the cases when the society has used its bullying as a way of enforcing the new order on the limits of what is considered to be free speech, including the concept of bullying. Such instances are considered to be a rare thing. However, remember about the history of this problem when writing about the free speech.

The definite step towards fixing the problems with this issue was made at the very beginning of the twentieth century. That was the time when people were still fighting the local inhabitants, and the time when it was impossible to wait for someone to save your life. And that was the reason why many people had to use their personal guns to be able to stop their enemies. The things have changed quite a lot from that time, haven’t they? But the gun laws have been almost the same since that time until today.

The thing is that the free speech is often perceived as the ability to speak freely. In the modern version of it, people are allowed to speak not only in their own life, but also in the life of other people.