How to write an literature essay on a novel?

How to write an literature essay on a novel?
English literature essay

the web page (below) describes: How to Write an Essay About a Novel


Read the novel before you even think about starting your essay. Research any information about the author or other extraneous topics that will help build your understanding of the text. If you have sufficient time, reread significant passages to further your grasp of the novel.

Plan your essay to include three distinct parts. Use the introduction to setup your paper, the body to support your argument, and the conclusion to summarize the argument.

Use the introduction to frame the argument for your essay. Begin by creating a thesis, or main argument, that you will support throughout the essay. For example: “The novel Catch-22 presents the hypocrisy of the military policies during World War II.” Keep the thesis direct and straightforward, so your reader has a clear idea of what they are supposed to understand from reading your paper.

Place an interesting quote from the novel at the beginning of the introduction, to grab the reader’s attention and draw them into the essay. Put the thesis at the end of the introduction, to setup the rest of your paper.

Write the body paragraphs to support the argument in your thesis. Include direct quotes from the novel’s text, and explain how these quotes relate to your argument. Use additional resources written on, or about the novel, to further support your argument.

Finish your article with the conclusion section. Tell the reader how the details included in the body paragraphs support your main argument. Consider restating your thesis in a different way, to remind the reader of your argument — most importantly, include the reasons why the reader should agree with you. Avoid using cliche phrases such as “In summary” or “To conclude.”

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