How to write an outline for friendship?

How to write an outline for friendship?

Start with the list of the qualities we are going to talk about. So, you will have to individually determine each of them.

  • The quality of the relationships.
  • It is important to note that qualities related to the analysis of the external environment, such as health, social adaptation. However, the external focus is not the main criterion for the evaluation of the quality of these relationships. Friends are not considered as the main object of evaluation, and the criterion for the evaluation of friends is their individual qualities and the ability to make friends, the ability to make friends, and how well these qualities are developed in the group.

    Therefore, it is quite reasonable to consider friendship as a kind of elite type, because the evaluation of friends is usually performed by professional psychologists after they learn about the analysis of the emotionally loaded text (the algorithm of interpersonal perception), the depths of the feeling of own personality. All such aspects should be used for the calculation of the interpersonal perception of the friend.

  • The social significance of friends.
  • The level of interpersonal perception of friends is usually determined by their benefits and drawbacks for the individual. The externally attractive image of a friend is one of the most important criteria for the evaluation of the individual by the objective evaluation committee. This image is formed by the objective evaluation of the external, internal features. Therefore, the evaluation of friends is based on the basis of two essential elements: the evaluation of the person himself and the evaluation of the created community.

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    Among the most important benefits, there are such factors as sociability, honesty, courage, ability to communicate and share information. On the contrary, only the knowledge of the individual can help you determine the value of friends. In so many aspects, this is true. But all this is within the framework of general rules.

    The trick is that the intuition of friendship is not yet fully formed. The inner world of the person is not yet formed. But the memory of those good times is encoded in the mind, and this can be a good way to solve the problem of friendship essay. So, it may be stated in the essay on friendship that, when looking for the most important friendship facts, it is necessary to rely on the reliable information from the inner world.

    However, it is important to keep the note that if, in order to increase the high quality of such communication, the individual must have a less negative attitude towards the partner than towards the objective reality. Only in this case, the interpersonal relationships can last a lifetime. The potential of friendship is 4-6 times stronger than the potential of the rest.

    Psychologically, this difference between friends and each other is very noticeable. If one spends a lot of time on communication, positive emotions accompany him. But the negative emotions turn into negative illusions about the partner. As a result, the person begins to impose the blame on the other person, justifying his actions under the influence of an emotional state.

    So, it is quite possible that the cause of friendship, which may be unconditional, is the subjective desire of the individual to have the associate with whom he communicates. However, it should be noted in friendship essay conclusion that this cause does not always correspond to the viewpoint of the group.

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    Assessment of the individual by the communal evaluation

    When an individual is assessed by the communal evaluation, such as by the psychologist, the sociologist or the friend – whether the interaction with them is superficial, short-lived or deep (interpersonal communication is considered as a kind of exchange of information).

    The evaluation of friendship by the professional criteria for the relevant date of assessment is carried out in the same way as the evaluation of any other subject by the professional criteria for the dissertation.

    The subject is a particular positive or negative assessment of the individual by peers, the wider group (classification by level of professionalism, order of importance, prestige, etc.) and personal assessment. The evaluation is objective and personal. The subject can be a combination of several grades, for example, low-level.

    The selection of the peer is conducted according to the principle of similarity, so, that the assessment and evaluation of the individual is based on the evaluation of the above factors. The personal significance of the respondent is reflected in the assessment of the overall quality of communication with the friend, and this is one of the most important factors to consider in the course of the study.

    The theme of the communication with the friend can be selected from the arts, entertainment, sports, other competitions, hobbies, etc. As a rule, it is associated with tangible things, creations, and so on. In some cases, a person interacts with friends and then has to devote a little to the analysis of the sphere in which he works.

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    But the choice of the object of assessment of the psychological importance of friendship, the nature of the interaction, their individual characteristics must be taken into account.