How to write an outline for friendship essay?

How to write an outline for friendship essay?

Friendship essay outline should include three main blocks: introduction, body and conclusion.

The thesis of friendship essay is whether a friendship will change in time and, moreover, whether it will be perceived in the collective spirit. Taking into account the interests of the participant, the author should consider what feelings may be expressed in the course of communication.

The main thing that the observer sees in the course of the essay is the inner drama of the personalities of the involved parties. Therefore, the logical sequence of time is important for the analysis of the dynamics of communication.

The epochs of friendship appear as a kind of war against all, in which different people have to fight for friendship. The internal conflicts of these times are manifested, which are interpreted as external problems.

Already in the XVII century, the notion of friendship as a kind of intimate contact, which is called ” psychological attachment ” enters the field of scientific activities. As a result, the subject is forced to differentiate two things, to be willing to assist the other in solving the existing objective problems and difficulties. Friendship is regarded as one of the most important things in life.

The word “friend” in ordinary sense is translated as “good-natured” (from the Greek). But this notion is much broader. Among the innumerable examples, the word “friend” can be interpreted as “just a friend”, “sibling”, “children”, “group” (it is not difficult to find examples of group friendship in the Internet).

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Advantages of friendship essay

Despite the modern cult of self-respect, friendship is not something that is intrinsically good. It is not an unconditional love, it is not a pure illusion. It is not an interpersonal friendship but a set of relationships which were already developed by the ancient Greeks and continue to be significant in our era.

Nobody is able to consider the concept of friendship in a purely rational framework because the nature of human friendship is immeasurably different from the notions of other people. A person may be contented to any degree of interpersonal communication, but the essence and nature of this feeling remains unchanged. Immediacy, openness between people, their ability to make friends, to share their problems and enjoy their joys, and the ability to follow the example of others. In this regard, the interest of scientists in the study of friendship is not surprising.

Despite the fact that many cultures are external, belonging to a particular culture, religion, or ethnicity, they are linked with certain social memories and qualities that are typical for the era. The ancient Greek philosopher Malea described nicely concretely such notions as friendship, love, and community.

However, the modern understanding of friendship begins with the study of historical examples. The word “friend” is most often understood as a relative term of one person. Looking for friends, the person wants to find out more about the essence of this concept, to understand the inner world of this person. At the same time, outside the framework of any religious or philosophical concepts, it is impossible to understand the meaning of this concept in anything but the universal and undivided feeling of love, which, however, are fundamentally different from the standard ideas about friendship.

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This definition should be taken into account if you have to write essays on friendship. The presence of various definitions of friend in life, the diversity of conceptions about friendship, causes a number of problems for research. In addition, this term is widely used in a variety of contexts (personal, social, governmental, educational, demographic, etc.), in each of which is an answer to a question, whether an individual or a collective “I once met / communicated with someone I know / love / may be helpful to me” etc.

Modern science has to answer the question of what is friendship. It should be understood as a set of interpersonal relationships between individuals, their social positions and freedom of activity. Due to the fact that the concept of friendship is relatively young (only about 5 years), it is especially easy to search for reliable information. The Internet is a nice thing for this purpose. The information and communication are available at all times. The just change their appearance and value.

The structure of friendship, which is expressed in the form of interpersonal relationships, is constantly being improved. The number of people involved in communication increases: in the last decade, the world’s first “visitors” were turned to the Internet by a woman named Jessica Williamson – Carrie Fisher. At the same time, it is difficult to find out the fate of friends. Only about 7% of people have high mobility. Most people are fast to lose this value.

The age dynamics of friendship, which is already being discussed, is increasing. The paper of the average guy is turned on the Internet and viewed by young people who are interested in reading your assignment.