How to write an outline for friendship essay

How to write an outline for friendship essay

Believe in friends and a positive world. It is quite possible to estimate the life of young people and their psychological needs. But the underlying principles always remain unchanged. An individual and collective goal of friendship is to improve the world for the sake of social goals.

Agree with this statement in your friendship essay introduction.

In order to concretely understand the nature of interpersonal relationships, we can also consider the basic concepts of the concept ‘family’ which is used in practical life but unduly abstract. In this case, we will talk about the family as a social institution in which love and a warm relationship abound. By the way, in many respects, this concept serves as an instrument for measuring the level of intra-group relations.

The following concepts are of great importance:

  • family (as a special social institution) as a unique social pattern;
  • social family (a set of people which is connected by common values) as a social institution which is endowed with a unique set of norms, norms, traditions, and beliefs;
  • family and marriage (as concepts of modern American ideology) as concepts of the inevitable and normal development of a person;
  • science and culture (as an integrated set of interrelated and complex knowledge and ideas;
  • The family acts as a cultural community – a group of people which is connected by common ideas and beliefs. Since the main value is the reproduction of the population, it is important to think about the ways in which it affects the most vulnerable members of society.

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    The concept ‘family’ is used in a variety of formulations and may be differentiated in different ways. For example, the following options are of interest to the reader:

  • usage of the family as a social institution, as a foundation for a new round of self-respect (in the framework of the morality of love) and as an institution for the recognition of the highest values (in the framework of the morality of envy).
  • development of a family as a culture is manifested, especially in social activities which are carried out on the basis of another person. These are called domestic activities. A person is a part of society as a part of the material of the state, and therefore, is obliged to respect other people, the state, and the entire society.
  • In the system of meritocracy, the value of personal achievements is higher than material wealth. However, the rights and obligations of citizens differ significantly from the ideas and aspirations of the wealthy. The manner and means of reaching personal goals is determined by the position of the individual in the class structure of society, in the system of social values, and the extent to which the class structure corresponds to the aspirations of the masses. In other words, the social goals of the individual and the state goal of the state are identical.
  • The concept of civil society is formed by the activity of democratic institutions, above all, the state, as a political institution, but by society as a whole. It is its level is determined by the level of political, economic, educational, cultural, moral, aesthetic, social and indigenous traditions, their relation to the higher values of society.
  • Determination of the family as a social institution is made on the basis of the relation between the patrimonial ties and the formation of freedom of activity in the state, the freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, the role of the family as a social institution, the end of the family as a “cultural father”.
  • The choice of partner in the formation of the family is governed by the interests of the individual and the need for growth and development of the personality.
  • The marriage is a kind of “social and domestic” relationship which, nevertheless, is subject to social control.
  • The reproduction of the population is influenced by the factors of the climate and the activity of related institutions, especially tourism, and natural disasters.
  • In the framework of traditional attitudes, the family is a institution that provides a unique opportunity and opportunity to experience, the opportunity to create the next generation, the opportunity to propagate our culture, the opportunities to create a new society.
  • In Europe, the ideals of humanism were placed above material practice, and life success was determined by many parameters. America narrowed the idea of success to one component in a concrete, tangible form, and happiness was determined by the number of banknotes. The dream of happiness was embodied, as Tocqueville said, in the romance of figures which have an irresistible charm. The cult of wealth has become almost religious.