How to write an outline for your sexual assault research paper

How to write an outline for your sexual assault research paper

It is impossible to complete and defend the academic assignment without formulation of key ideas, thesis statements, and arguments. It is the main tool used when writing the paper, and therefore, it is essential to capture the essence of the phenomenon under study. The student should have enough background information on the topic.

The structure of the paper is usually formed according to the method of writing. Usually, it includes 3-4 chapters which can be divided into the and sex education research topics.

The theme should be consistent and widely discussed. It can be partial only in case if there are some independent variables.

  • The thesis statement is a certain statement used by the author to logically bring his hypothesis to the proof.
  • Introduction should consist of 2-3 sentences.
  • Body should be consistent with the main idea of the project. If this part is too large, it should be presented as a separate document. Then the author will not have to recreate the entire body in the course of writing.
  • Conclusion: a summary of the work with the justification of the novelty of the study, the merits of your own point of view.
  • Body: presents the key concepts of the study. The main part (30%) is devoted to the interpretation of the data, and the most important conclusions (20%) are drawn in the conclusion.
  • Appendices: includes tables, graphs, drawings, graphs, accompanied by the text (20%) and images (10%).
  • How to write an essay on sexual harassment?

    This is the standard structure of the academic paper. The author should indicate the purpose of the work and the subject of the paper.

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    The introduction indicates the relevance, purpose, subject and object of research. You should provide brief information about yourself and the topic. It is also one of the easiest methods of introduction. You can use a quote, a philosophical phrase, statistics, a provocative statement as a hook for sexual abuse essay. It is not recommended to create new content solely for this part of the introduction.


    The main part of the sexual harassment research paper is the analysis of the data on sexual assaults on college campus and the problems of analyzing this problem. The main sources used in the paper are the National Sexual Assault Hotline, local sexual assault service provider (they call it; otherwise, the reader will think that you are trying to affect people’s feelings. You can use the words happy and carefree to attract the attention of the reader.

    The main question that you want to ask yourself is, why do students prefer to buy sex? The reasons for this behavior of course, the main objective of which is the purpose of the relationship between the object and the victim. However, sometimes, the purpose of such a choice is not always clear and is often not accepted by the sociological and scientific communities, which makes the question of tolerance of sexual abuse quite unclear.

    The socially accepted definition of domestic violence as well as the understanding of its different forms (content 3), such as sexual, physical, psychological and economic, that is, the interaction of the object and the subjected, their behaviour, attitudes and beliefs, which are influenced by the objective reality of sex itself, the connectedness and solidarity of the victim.

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    Social work with women

    If you write a domestic violence research essay, it is also relevant to mention the examples of other popular approaches for the analysis of the relationship between the object and the the subject of the interaction. In such a paper, you may briefly describe the history of the problem of female servility in the family, the main reasons for stimulating changes in the definition of violence and the possibilities of overcoming it.

    Writing the main part of the domestic violence essay, you should analyze the interaction of men and women in the family. The benchmark for the comparison is the comparison of the positions of men and women (content 4).

    When writing the short essay about domestic violence, it is also worth to mention that men and women have different roles in the family. The latter are used to execute tasks which are different for each gender. Due to the fact that women have to bring food on the table just like men do in the household. Women also need the equal distribution of roles in the family. Just like men, they act as one of the “social umbrella” for the entire family.

    The results of the research on female domestic violence are mixed up. The results of the studies of regular violence against women are presented in the table below.

    The importance of work in the family

    The family is considered as one of the most social institutions, which support the social adaptation of the individual. Nevertheless, the work is not considered as the main institution contributing to the development of a harmonious personality.