How to write an unemployment research paper

How to write an unemployment research paper

The study of unemployment is frequently focused on the factors that stimulate economic growth (employment, economic growth, productivity, etc.). But apart from these, there are also cases when, for different reasons, the employment rates are not always high. So what is the basis for this issue?

First of all, it is worth remembering that the unemployment is a very serious problem which requires a comprehensive and in-depth study. Therefore, it is also worth remembering that unemployment research topics are rather heterogeneous in different parts of the country. You will also find out different ways to deal with this problem, which will be described further in this article.

Studying the issue of unemployment, you will find out that it is connected with the general causes of economic growth, and first of all, the recession. In this regard, you will have to make some conclusions from the facts that are known to everyone. The facts here may surprise you, but the ideas behind them are often only dimly discussed.

First of all, the economy is a a set of phenomena, which successfully reproduces itself and enables each generation to come close to the higher level of development. Secondly, unemployment is also a function of the number of people working in a company, the process of whose labor allows to move forward. In any country, the upward vertical mobility of workers accompanies employment, which, in turn, is determined by the upward mobility of wages. In the framework of economic relations, this process is repeated every few years.

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So, you may emphasize in your essay on income inequality that all these factors have a strong influence on the eventual level of unemployment, though they are often combined to some extent. You may consider the words of Arthur Sinton in the essay on the history of income inequality in the United States. He noted that the mean percentage of white citizens capable of work has always been something approximating the average. Now, the situation has changed, and the facts of unemployment are: in the past several years, the decline in the labor participation has been more pronounced than in subsequent periods, and the ability of workers to find a job has decreased. But the gap in wages has not decreased, even sometimes it has increased. In 2012, the average income of a US resident was $455. But the highest indicator was observed in the past several decades, and it is still ahead of the lower class.

Note in income inequality paper that the correlation between economic, social and political reasons for unemployment has always been the subject of heated discussions. In the course of global economic progress, there has been a rapid release of transgenic resources: new land, new water, more competition. The geographic scope of such tendencies is very significant: the gap between rich and poor groups has increased. The imbalance between the two classes has increased. The emergence of a gap in the wages of blue- and white groups has become greater. In recent years, the wages of some groups of the population were able to increase by 40%, and the others – by 30%.

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There is behavior that is typical for all countries of the industrialized world: the labor supply is moderately supplied by the population, but its growth is observed only in the middle class. In countries of economic stagnation, the middle class is practically not allowed to continue to advance, and its position is reduced.

There is a tendency for the growth of a gap in the wages of labor and social groups, although the tendency has decreased in recent years. The growth in the number of eligible workers has decreased, but the share of the labor force has grown. The share of the middle class in the population has increased.

The decrease in the importance of traditional family functions (the birth and upbringing of children, domestic issues) is observed. The desire for marriage is losing its place in the value system of the spouses declines. The secondary traditional family functions (the birth and upbringing of a child, the education of a child, etc.) are being reduced. The importance of personal, intimate communication decreases.

There is a trend in the growth of a gap in the wages of white groups. In 2004, the hourly wages declined by almost 20% for the low-wage workers.

Ethical issues for income inequality essay

In the modern world, there are many important issues, which are closely related to the problem of economic inequality: equality of opportunities, control of the situation by the social, governmental and social institutions, relationship between the citizens and the state, international obligations of the population, the outcome of the process of elimination of poverty, and so on.

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The topic of the income inequality is often mentioned in rhetorical and artistic works, in scientific works, on problems of population, on causes and effects of population growth, on issues of social inequality. The topic is elaborated in slogans, speeches of politicians, using the special affordings, which allow to tell about the struggling classes about their rights, and the conditions of their existence, and the procedure of their elimination depends on the level of social and economic progress of the country.