how to write and essay?

how to write and essay?
well i need to write an essay for school and i want to write it out and use the computer how do i do that or is there anotehr unique way to write an essay?

The whole thing should be in 3rd person! no “i think” or “We”. Think up a topic, 3 subtopics, and 3 points per subtopic.

1)Write an introductory paragrah. Introduce 3(or more) subtopics in it. Explain what the reader will learn!

2) Write a paragraph for one of your subtopics. Start it with a sentence telling what you are going to prove. Then, put in your three points one at a time, backing up each point with a fact. End it with a concluding sentence(pretty much reword your introductory one except use “Finally” or “It is evident that”)

3) Repeat step 2 for however many subtopics you have.

4)Write a concluding paragraph. Restate your key points and wrap it all up. NO NEW INFORMATION IN THIS PARAGRAPH!

-each subtopic is its own paragraph
-strong subtopics first, then weaker, then strongest
– strong point first, then weaker point, then the strongest point

hope I didnt miss anything! good luck. you could also try