How to write and start a reflection essay?

How to write and start a reflection essay?
I need help writing a Reflection essay.. its for a class where they provide info and/or assistance with time management strategies, test taking tips, discovering our learning style, and note-taking strategies. Not quite sure how to start it..thanks

Start writing the first draft.

Describe your reflective essay project. How did it contribute to your self development?
Evaluate the quality of your work within your reflective essay. Did you achieve your goals?
Tell how you might have made your project better.

Revise your first draft.

Be complete when telling “what happened” and use descriptive details to describe your actions.
Stick to the point. Concentrate on your reflective essay project as a whole and include the details that really affected the final outcome of the project.
Tell about your experiences while working on your essay. Answer the question: “What did you learn?”
Write in a clear style that your reader can understand.
Show your essay to a friend for helpful feedback.