how to write argumentative essay ?

how to write argumentative essay ?
how to begin ?
how to write the body part ?
how to conclude the essay?

One begins an argumentative essay by first stating the subject, area, or question you are addressing in a positive way. An example is a Yahoo Question I just read on whether the universe is expanding. I know that it is expanding from my studies, so if I were writing to answer a question like that, I would state it positively. I would be: Is the universe expanding and moving through space?

Then, in the body of the argumentative essay I would first agree that it is and cite my evidence as findings from the Hubble Telescope, Stephen Hawking’s, a note Physicist book indicating that it is moving and stretching out and I would go on. I might even cite some findings in the Christian Bible that support this notion.

In an argumentative essay, I would also have to include the negative of the question that I posed at the very beginning of the essay. It would be stated like this: The universe is a fixed body and it is not stretching out or moving through space.

For this section I would cite the findings of the ancient babylonian astronomers (near where Iran is today)
Then I would write the answer to the statement that the universe is fixed in space, I would follow that up with citing the findings of Aristotle and the findings of Copernicus. I might even cite some verses from th

In the conclusion, I would cite that there is scientific and objective evidence evidence that astronomers and physicists agree on that the universe is moving and it is stretching out and I would cite in greater detail what the findings of Hawking and others have that prove this is really happening. Good luck.