how to write college application essay?

how to write college application essay?
the question was about describing myself and my future aim in my career,in 200 words.i gotta send the essay by the end of the week,and i really don’t have any idea how to make the best essay,i’m applying for a medical school

Google “Sample medical school admission essays” and you’ll see lots of companies that offer an essay writing service. Visit a few of them, as them do give snippets of what not to write. From that, you can possibly extrapolate something to write.

The essay is your personal statement of why you want to be a physician and why you want to attend that specific school. You need to show that you are motivated, sincere, compassionate and capable. Don’t waste words about your academic credentials–that’s reflected in your grades and scores. Don’t try to write a drama, either.

200 words? I’ve never heard of that limitation. The rule of thumb is not to exceed two typed pages, single spaced. One page is better, if you can knock their socks off in a few paragraphs.