how to write effective argumentative essay in exams?

how to write effective argumentative essay in exams?
Can you please elaborate on thesis statements, main idea, topic sentence and conclusions too?

O.K. So you have your subject. Then you decide what position you want to take. In your introduction(1st paragraph), you talk about it.At the end of the introduction paragraph you add your thesis statement. Your thesis statement is your claim on the position. Some thesis statements can have three points. For an example: I don’t like to smoke because you can get lung cancer, you can die from it, and it can really harm your body. So in your next paragraphs you elaborate about all three or just one of your thesis statements. After you spoke about your position, you then speak on the behalf of the arguer. The one who disagrees with your positions. You can write as many ideas as you like, as long as you stay on the topic. Then after this, you would talk about the similarities about how you feel about the position and compare it with the arguer. Then the last thing you would add is the conclusion. Your conclusion and your intro., should be very bold and stand out, so that it will be interesting to your readers.