How to write essays about American Dream

How to write essays about American Dream

It is the widely known and widely read article that helps to discuss the American Dream, and, more specifically, its historical and modern iterations. The American Dream essay can be focused on any of the early projects of the American Dream writers, whether you are looking for the articles on the web or at the university library. The goal of the academic assignment of this kind is to provide the reader with the idea of the project which you are going to write about. You should also explain your position on the subject. So, what is the American Dream essay?

The American Dream is a historically unique country in the world of mankind. American founders knew how to build a successful empire relying on a system of fair and equitable economic development, without borrowing and a great number of external enemies. They devised a strategy of spreading their political ideas throughout the entire country, and by doing so, they managed to do so. In the process of time, a new culture was formed. And the idea of success was named as one of the most important dreams of America’s founders.

The American Dream essay should describe the period of the project development. The initial idea of the American Dream was formed in the middle of the 18th century. At that time, the prospect of free universal education and social protection was so strong that the possibility of a fast-growing industrial revolution was considered. In 1913, the class of the poor strata of the population was dominated by a regime of material well-being and became a reality. Only the brightest and the most talented people could compete with the rich. And when the middle class found itself in the upper class of the new independent republic, it immediately began to act as a bulwark against royal absolutism, and this desire for social growth led to the creation of a huge, unprecedented, and rapidly growing army of the free white population. In the period of the Civil War, the situation with the quality of education and material conditions of the lower class was better, although many social movements began to form.

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How to write a research paper on the American Dream?

If you are one of those people who do not have time to read the standard works of academic journalism, the Internet is quite another thing. In these cases, you will need to rely on your own intellect and imaginative abilities. And, of course, nothing can be said about the state of affairs in this country that there is “nothing wrong with the rich” in any way. The only thing that you need to do is to describe all the shortcomings of the society, but do not forget to add the strengths and weaknesses of each of them.

For example, it may be written in the essay on the negative effects of income inequality that, in the pre-war period, the upper and middle classes in the United States were able to enjoy their prosperity for so long. In the years of the war, this situation was not true, but the writers and scholars of the literature used to show themselves as the most courageous and effective revolutionaries.

The period of the American Dream’s growth was characterized by a kind of “perfect storm” in the form of which reached its peak of strength when the Roosevelt’s reforms of the 1930s made it possible to speak, write, and print the free press, which in turn has become a kind of economic and social miracle. The material well-being of the majority of the population was boosted by all the new hard labor-energy and creative activity, and the social structure of the United States was formed.

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A number of scientists have repeatedly noted the special influence of the blinding half-century on the way of the Third World War. The possible advantage of this period in the development of the United States is that the unsecured and inalienable regions of the Mississippi River and the Buffalo River “water flow” became more than a real river, which, in turn, led to the rapid growth of farming. The number of farmers increased from 6 to 12 million, and the number of their descendants was already 10 million.

Mention in the essay on the American Dream that in the pre-war period, the United States did not belong to the “golden rule” in the social composition of the population. The independent status of the citizen was not respected. The economy and the free distribution of opportunities were instead described by the politics and the economy of the urbanized states. The urban elite consisted of the entrepreneurs and the politicians of the new bourgeoisie.

The research paper on the American Dream may note that the “silent” middle class represented the future of the American labor class. Low-wage workers could provide the social protection of the middle class. From the standpoint of the economic changes this was particularly true in the last of the postwar years. The percentage of Americans in the lower class was lower than in the upper class.

There is particular reason to mention in the income inequality essay that the middle class got its name in the image of economic stability, which was especially true in the 1920s.