How to write essays!?

How to write essays!?
I was to busy smoking pot during high school, which in turn disrupted my studies. I never really learned how to write an essay correctly, about to start college now, I am worried this will greatly affect my grades. Does anyone know how to correctly write an essay? Preferably in an easy way, my english preparation book goes through to much unneeded information on how to write an essay.

Your introduction should include an opening to tell what your essay is about and list 3 supporting ideas. The next 3 paragraphs should be going into detail about your supporting ideas. The last paragraph should summarize the essay without repeating anything in the same words and include a closer. You want to aim for 3-5 sentences per paragraph unless your professor assigns more.

Everything should flow, be in the right tense, etc. but other than that, just write as you can always add or take things out later. Don’t be afraid to write several drafts. Nobody ever gets an essay right the first time, so the best thing to do it just practice and stay away from the pot 😉