How to write good essay?

How to write good essay?
I want to become a better writer, and I am a second year college student. Can you help me improve my writing skill, especially skill for writing essay response to a prompt question.
Thanks, this would help me alot.

When there is a prompt, use the following to help you determine how to get started. (I teach my students this; they call it “fatter p”

F – form (does the prompt tell you if you are writing an essay, article, letter, etc.) KNowing this will help to figure out your introduction
A – audience (who will be reading this…also, if it is a letter, who does the prompt say you are writing to)
T – topic (what is the topic you will be writing about…again, if you have a prompt, your prompt is the topic)
R – role (who are you supposed to be when you write this)
P – purpose (are you writing to inform, explain, persuade, etc.)

Using this will help to guide your writing.

It is helpful to come up with a way to brainstorm like making a list, web, notes, etc.

You should always have an introduction that includes an eye catcher…something that grabs the reader’s attention and make them want to keep reading. For example, a question, quote, statisitic, etc.

Your body paragraphs should each have a topic sentence and lots of detail to help support it.

Your conclusion should wrap up waht you are talking about as well as restate your thesis.

Have voice in your writing…always helps.

Try your best and be creative.

Good luck!