How to write in a friendship sacrifice essay?

How to write in a friendship sacrifice essay?

Although this essay type is usually chosen by students of colleges and universities, it is also appropriate to write it independently. The main goal of this check is to find out, based on personal experience, the aspects of your relationship that the subject of the essay describes. So, the expression “friend” in this essay means the perception of another person by the author, their ideas about the relationship, ideas about the issues between them, their opinion about the matter. Although, the expression “friend” can be both justified and indecent. When it comes to the core, ethic, religious, political and social ideas, the word “friend” means complementary, not identical with other meanings.

Essay on friendship for friendship essay

Although, perhaps, you have already wondered, “What is friendship?” The word “friend” combines such categories as veneration, respect, care, attention, property, fame, attraction. The more vivid the word is, the more interesting it is to read your argumentative essay on friendship. But such essays are also characterized by a number of distinctive characteristics:

  • Criticism combines features of several other types of creative writing, especially literary, historical, spiritual and journalistic literature.
  • The criticism is based on a wealth of information, numerous primary sources and secondary ones, secondary literature, additional information sources.
  • Gentechnics touches upon the problems of managing the nature of interpersonal interaction, the struggle for understanding and the realization of the common values.
  • Cause and effect essays discuss the relationship between cause and effect which is manifested, for example, the recognition of friendship, love, courage, ability to share information. They must be performed in the framework of the dynamics of discourse (the use of different words and concepts) and the logic of the speech (direct and indirect communication, the formation of a clear and understandable sentence structure).
  • Block 1: The main object of the study. Its nature is indicated in the most important abstracts (6000-7000). They describe the way of contact and display the related phenomena: relationships, communication, production, service, etc.
  • Block 2: The second object of the research is the sphere of other people. The concentration of people is obtained in the middle of the research. In this case, the ideology of the individual is obtained.
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    The level of satisfaction which is obtained in the course of participation in the social activity is measured for a research purpose. The level of positive emotions is determined by the reaction of the subject to the image of own personality which is formed by the interaction. The level of sensitivity of the subject to other people is equal to the level of the sensitivity of the subject to own self-esteem. The opposite possibility is the loss of the sense of self-esteem which is observed when the person loses the ability to evaluate his own deeds.

    The loss of the sense of self-esteem leads to a reduction in the functioning of the psyche, which, in turn, leads to a decrease in the functioning of the brain. As a result, the brain is forced to have a decrease in the function of certain nervous systems, especially the cortex, hippocampus, and anterior brain. The interactions of the brain with the surrounding reality are disrupted. The internal conflict is suppressed. As a result, the person experiences internal tension and anxiety.

    To reduce the impact of stress on the brain, it is best to determine the time frame for the development of a tolerance for stress. The period of relaxation is strongly characterized by a sensation of anxiety, avoidance of interactions, a sense of social isolation, loneliness, avoidance of fair evaluation, criticism, and underestimation of own capabilities.

    Resistance is a kind of determination which allows a person to withstand considerable intellectual, volitional and emotional loads conditioned by the peculiarities of professional activity without special harmful consequences for labor activities, surrounding people and own health. In order to apply the maximally effective measures to protect working individuals, a person must have a relatively short attention span, a relatively large number of reactions to overcome the difficulties.