How to write in a population growth essay

How to write in a population growth essay

It is worth noting in a human population growth research paper that the teaching of Karl Marx was able to give rise to a bourgeois life, to make the existence of the working class equal. In conditions of such development, the wages of the majority of the population were lower, and the distribution of income was more skewed.

But the history of this problem reaches the start of the 20th century. The first recorded population data (827) was created in 1766. Since that time, the wage has continuously increased. In 1903, the average monthly wage was $ 460.2 kg. So, the level of the average monthly wage in the United States was higher than in England (340.8 kg).

The prime cause of population growth is the constantly growing disproportion between the wealthy and the poor. You may trace the following trends in an income inequality research: the labor receipts dominate in the middle class. Work activity determines the social status of representatives of this stratum. Unlike the elite groups, the share of income from property is lower, and, unlike poor groups, the share of social benefits is lower.

The influence of social belonging is manifested, in particular, in the transformation of the attitude of representatives of social groups to each other. The attitude of representatives of the middle class to others is ambivalence, acceptance of the fact that each of them performs his own social functions.

The main social groups represent the intersection of the middle class and the social pyramid. Its lower strata consists of the agents of the economy of former communism. The middle class consists of representatives of a broad stratum of society. Their social status is determined by the level of the productive forces development.

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The following idea is one of the most popular methods of analysis which is also suitable for a population equality essay: the identification of representatives of the middle class in society, as a rule, consists of one universal factor and the ability to influence the social process. It is believed that, in the broad sense, the middle class is a national institution in the fundamental sense of the unity of the whole citizen, the dynamics and change of positions in the social hierarchy, electoral system, laws, traditions, and so on.

The number of citizens employed in agriculture increased in the 1917-1918 period. The share of agricultural products used in agriculture increased in the 1920s. The social profile of farmers was important at the level of the social stratification of society. In 1920, all farm families accounting for 22% of the US population received only 15% of the national annual income. In eight years, the share of agricultural products increased to 30%. The share of urban population has increased in the second half of the 20th century. In the process of economic stratification of Americans, the upper and middle classes represents a “different” social and economic category, which, in fundamental ways, is not identical.

The level of economic stratification of Americans in the colonial period was lower than in subsequent periods of US history. The lower the social strata, the fewer representatives of the middle class appear.

Here is the comparison of the positions of black Americans. The average level of income of black Americans was lower than in subsequent periods but higher than in European society. From 8 to 21% of the Americans belonged to the lower class. In 1692-1774, the share of the middle class in the income of the lower class was 17%. For example, in the colonial period, the lower class included 20% of the white population, the average – 70%, and the top – 10%. The level of social stratification of the white population was lower than in subsequent periods of US history. That is, the vast majority of the white population understood its own advantages and disadvantages, and, consequently, its position in the social hierarchy of the new, uncorrected morality.

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Contrasts of classes in the United States

The individual difference in the behavior of the lower class is due to the peculiarities of the US economic system which, in comparison with European countries, were more developed than in the United States. The economy of this period was more global and was able to offer different “packages” in the form of exemptions, redistribution of income, social spending and so on. This differed from the position of the white population in the European economic structure of the state.

The thesis of the American Dream for the economic inequality essay is that the society, having benefited from the broad strata of the population, has created a society of great entrepreneurs. These were people who gained their livelihood only in the system of legalized prostitution, earned millions of dollars, influenced the social process and made tremendous strides in science, culture, the arts, related to the free market.

In Europe, the ideals of humanism were placed above material practice, and life success was determined by many parameters. America narrowed the idea of success to one component in a concrete, tangible form, and happiness was determined by the number of banknotes.