How to write in a research paper on illegal immigration.

How to write in a research paper on illegal immigration.

First of all, you need to understand why the majority of people want to get the permanent positions. The reason for this motivation is the current illegal immigration policies of some countries of the US administration. They put forward the idea that the illegal immigration is a major deterrent to the normal socio-economic development of the US economy, which in turn affects the lower classes in the process of adjustment. Lower class status gives a low chance of getting into the top universities, colleges, and universities, which may play a positive role in further economic growth of the country.

The adjustment process is rather serious. To achieve it, a person must have good character traits and be able to work without agreement and support. However, there are very few such persons. So, it may be stated in the negative effects of immigration essay that most immigrants face the adjustment process.

Here are some positive aspects of the adjustment process:

  • Better personal and professional perspectives
  • Social mobility.
  • More favorable income and position in the society.
  • Better financial and economic indicators (more favorable employment and earning opportunities)
  • Social security.
  • able to influence the social process and its management more effectively.
  • In more cases, the violations in labor supply are of temporary nature.
  • Sometimes, the violent behavior of staff members is provoked by inaction of controlling bodies.
  • The use of child labour (children, especially children, migrants, children from low-income families, single-parent families, etc.) is directed primarily at the lower class.
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    The influence of social exclusion is generally greater in industrialized countries. In the framework of the internal combustion, companies are allowed to set the wages lower than the level of the wages in such countries. This sometimes leads to the fact that the wages of young workers are significantly lower than wages of other Americans.

    On the one hand, international agreements on juvenile labour standards are violated. The application of this instrument is rarely challenged in the normal course of social development. However, it is clearly stated in the Framework of the American Convention on the Juvenile Labour Standards and the following points:

  • the absence of a single obligation for the rights of minors;
  • the lack of adequate protection against unemployment, juvenile labour, domestic violence, exploitation;
  • the lack of positive examples of family, best example in the social cycle of economic relations, and the absence of clear criteria in the theory of family;
  • question of the degree of family control, inalienable dependence on the parents, the lack of experience of children (asked child labour, domestic violence, exploitation), and the lack of clear results of the social cycle of the country;
  • division of the family, best example in the social cycle of the country;

  • emphasize in the essay on social inequality that, in the rural areas of the US, the poor are aware of the existence of the interstate ban, and the number of children allowed to work varies from state to state.
  • In the urban areas of the US, the problem of inequality in the wages of public employees is frequently mentioned. The difference in the treatment of urban and rural workers is very significant. In the first case, the social status of urban workers is often higher. They have more opportunities to get a comfortable wage than in rural areas. However, in the second case, the social status of urban workers is not higher. They work less, and the amount of their income is smaller. The following example is the difference between the wages of urban and rural workers: in the first case, the average income of urban workers is higher than in rural workers. (The statistics of incomes of urban and rural workers are different.)

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    The influence of social mobility is especially noticeable in the process of economic transition from the lower strata to the middle class. In the process of economic growth, the wages of workers freely fluctuate, therefore, the wages of the middle class often evolve into the lowest one.

    The process of economic transition from the poor to the rich has already started (the middle class is still ahead of the low class in terms of earnings and consumption, but only the wage). When the wages of the middle class grow faster than the salaries of the poor, the middle class will try to carve a more attractive figure for itself. Similarly, the middle class will try to grow its income more quickly than it is possible for the whole society.

    In future, the tendency of the wage to rise will be stronger than the growth in the number of unemployed workers. Indeed, many people are inclined to this trend, but the fundamentals of economic growth remain unchanged. There is still a tendency for the wages to stay at the initial level, but the fundamental direction of the process of economic growth remains unchanged.

    There is a tendency for the middle class to settle in the lower strata of the society.