How to write in an essay on income inequality

How to write in an essay on income inequality

Starting to write an essay on income inequality, you will need to take into account the differences between the middle class and the lower class. The middle class is the economic class of the majority of consumers. From the economic point of view, it is a part of the population that occupies a position between the middle class and others. Through its maintenance, widening and strengthening, the state can prevent high income inequality.

Pros and cons of income inequality essay

The topic of the text is similar to the above-mentioned definition, namely, the difference between the middle class and other economic groups. There are several main differences between them:

  • The main difference between them is the level of income, wealth, and social status. In other words, the middle class is one of the most important components of the economic group, along with the upper class (the upper stratum, the elite). Due to its economic status, it is able to influence the social process and to push forward social adaptation of the society. In the process of accumulation, the middle class sometimes only gains a part of the population above the middle class on the basis of equal opportunities in all spheres, including the economy, but not all layers the others.
  • The other difference between the middle class and other economic groups is their purpose. The middle class is intended to hold high positions in the social structure, and is capable of setting a variety of social standards, orders, and so on. To achieve these goals, the middle class has to take into account the objectives of the entire social process, including the reproduction of the population, the increase in the birth rate, and a decrease in mortality, or else.
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    But again, there are differences between the middle class and other economic groups. The middle class is more highly developed, more highly paid, and has more opportunities to get the social status. The composition of the middle class is associated with the activity of the elite several times. But the gap between the middle class and other economic groups is tremendous. In real terms, the middle class is a less developed economic class than the upper class.

    The wage is a social and economic indicator, which is calculated on a separate basis, taking into account the similarities or differences in the sectors of the economy. The parameters of the wages are always understated. To make the wages higher, the minimum wage should be paid more than the nominal one. The connection of the wages to the prices is always indirect.

    Wages and pensions are components of the middle class. The wages are received by all layers of the population in the form of income supplements, exemptions, and other payments. The structure of pensions is simple, pensions are provided to widows and children, widows have the right to a special pension if they have 5-10 years of experience.

    Health care is another social indicator the population receives. The procedure of medicine is based on medical insurance and payment of a broad stratum of taxpayers considering themselves as the backbone of the family and one of the most important institutions in the social protection system.

    Payment of pensions is a form of material security at the expense of the people. The structure of pensions is always distributed according to the income of the population. Each participant contributes a part of pension to pension funds for social insurance. This ensures a good social and economic situation of employees.

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    The size of pensions is always determined individually since it depends on a number of years of work, absence of eligibility, presence of a wide staff and resolution of basic economic problems.

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    Naturally, there are no ready winners. So, it may be stated in the essay about middle class that, for a specific period of time, the middle class got off the economic ladder from the very beginning.

    The project of the United States on the creation of a national standard of pension payments was first introduced in the United States. The first company began operating in the mid-1990s in order to offer it to the public. The first official document on the introduction of pension was issued in 1996. Only 144 such documents were disclosed. Most of them were a kind of a marketing statement.

    Pension is a mandatory element of the basic social insurance plan for a wide range of retirees.