How to write in scholarship essay?

How to write in scholarship essay?
I’m applying for an actuarial science scholarship. How can I write about what I can contribute to my country? Please help me!!

Yes, scholarship essays are tough. From personal experience, I would suggest setting aside a few hours for planning and thinking about your answer. Clear your desk and your mind and start writing down ideas. Make lists of a few different things: interesting things about yourself, impressive things you’ve already done in your life, your goals for the future. It seems like a lame exercise, I know, but trust me – it works. After you’ve got those things down on paper, it will be easier to think of your paper as a whole. Sometimes you just need to see things written out in front of you before you can make ideas and put them together in your head coherently.

My suggestions can only go so far though. The links below are just a few of the thousand pages that came up on google with “writing scholarship essays”. Check them out, and find more if you want.

Probably the most important part of writing an essay is…. revising! Yes, you’re going to want more than one version of this essay. Probably 3 or 4. Once you have a first draft, set it aside. Then come back to it when it’s not so fresh in your mind and revise it. Then get other people to look at your essay and ask them to mark it up.

I hope it all works out for you! Good luck.