How to write in the Canadian culture essay

How to write in the Canadian culture essay

It is necessary to observe some cultural phenomena of life in the Canadian urban environment. The very word is — “culture”. It is both a system of values formation and cultural traditions. Whatever is its definition, it is a system of forms and symbols, a way of understanding of the world, the way of reaching personal goals. In any system, the group tends to divide into a few essential groups, and the traits corresponding to these groups will be evenly distributed among these groups.

From the standpoint of identity, then, the Canadian experience is exactly the same as the experiences of other groups. In the system of economic relations, the Canadian economy is more integrated and developed than the experience of other countries of the world. Higher subjectivity, greater integration and emancipation of the individual are observed. The differential between social groups is also observed. The success of any test is determined by the level of the integration of the individual in the group.

To make a good essay, you should mention that, in Canada, there are fundamental social changes, both in the middle class and in society as a whole. The new order in which the world is formed and the evolution of social relations is observed. The society is both a society and a whole population of people.

Significant transformations occur in the value system of society. The workers become more independent, get acquainted with a wide range of phenomena. The power of social control over the creation of the new generations of people unfolds.

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There are quite certain trends in the process of population aging. The first signs of a population aging have emerged in the second half of the XIX century. At present, the idea of aging is widely used in marketing speeches of various kinds. The old, healthy, energetic, young, healthy, and socially active (each of them has its own essence). Aging is not only one of the social problems, but also a whole change in the face of the population.

A certain part of the elderly population can and wants to work. However, in a number of countries, there are laws that establish the age when a person must leave the workplace. In most states, such a border is 65 years old. But life does not always fit into the strict prescriptions of legislators. Therefore, in accordance with some pension systems, early retirement is encouraged.

On the one hand, there is a tendency for an earlier retirement, which in some countries leads to a certain decrease in pension payments. On the other hand, some professionals, especially high-level ones, do not want to retire even in the time established by law. In general, the share of employees older than 65 years reduces. This does not apply to farms where people work until old age. But the share of people employed in agriculture is small and continues to decrease.

A huge influx of women (often highly educated) into the labor market leads to the displacement of older men in some countries. The use of fundamentally new production technologies also displaces the older generation. The retraining of the elderly is considered unprofitable by the entrepreneurs: it is more expedient to invest in training of young, promising workers who have many years of labor life ahead of them.

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The process of population aging is closely related to the evolution that the family institution undergoes now. As a result of major social, demographic and economic changes, the family is divided into generations and often cannot provide care for elderly relatives. The proportion of elderly people living with their children or relatives steadily declines.

Some experts claim that the family falls apart and there is even a danger of its complete disappearance as a public institution. Basically, a modern family consists of parents and minor children. Married adult children, as a rule, do not live with their parents, are less willing and able to provide them with material assistance.

Useful tips for writing an overpopulation problems essay

The essay genre does not imply any strict framework. However, it has a number of features that should be taken into account if you want to get a high score. First of all, it’s worth sticking to the standard structure while compiling world population research paper outlines:

  • The central conception of a work should be clearly stated in an introduction. The reader should understand what idea you defend. An exception is an introductory question aimed to create intrigue.
  • The main part is devoted to the argumentation of the author’s opinion, consists of several theses and their proof. You can choose an arbitrary number of statements but there must be at least 3 of them.
  • It is important to remember that an essay is a short text with a clearly stated goal. It is not enough to just include a brief description of the problem. It is necessary to add something more substantial, for example, a discussion of the decisive changes in the studied area.