How to write introduction for American Dream essay

How to write introduction for American Dream essay

It is crucial to realize the basic concepts of the American Dream essay. The leading theme is the American Dream, which is expressed in many different ways. In the American Dream essay, we can show you how they are formed by the Americans.

The main idea of the US Dream is the American Dream of individual freedom, material prosperity, family well-being, material security, political democracy and state order. It means and means equality of opportunities. These are laws and values that ensure the equal distribution of opportunities in the social and ethnic categories, the elimination of social inequality, the promotion of the principle of merit, the concept of equal opportunities to the participation in the distribution of opportunities.

Describing in the American Dream essay introduction, the following words will be found:

  • freedom of the individual and freedom of entrepreneurship;
  • “self-made person” (that is, a person who achieved success in the real world after submitting it to the crowd) and “thrown out of the crowd” (a person who is not a product of the group of people from the surrounding society) only if he could achieve success in the system of economic relations on the basis of difficult work and firm commitment.
  • And, in the more specific sense, the American Dream is a dream of social mobility. In the literal sense, it is the dream of a person who, in the process of adaptation to the society, changes his views: he becomes a part of it, so to speak, of an organic unity, the unity of the crowd, the core of which is the individuality of the individual.

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    The main thing that you need to know about the American Dream is its image, the image of the ideal, which is built according to the culture of the United States. The whole history of this problem of American Dream is built on the tradition of the country in the New World. The whole American Dream is a archetype, the image of the most successful and innovative ideas, efforts and ideals of the American Dream.

    American Dream essay topics

    The American Dream is such a contradictory phenomenon as capitalism and individual entrepreneurship. You can mark in the American Dream essay introduction that these are his (her) tests. The means of the existence of the American Dream, which are transforming and preserving the society in the best conditions. In the period of the commercial revolution, the dream of individual profit was embodied, as Tocqueville said. The programme of the American Dream was founded on the continent without any limits, and it stands for an unbroken, unflagging, and uncompromising aspiration for the betterment of the whole nation.

    The only thing that separates the American Dream from the ideal of the American Dream is our attitude towards the requirements of the nation in the debate about the meaning of the American Dream.

    We may mention in the wealth inequality essay that the U.S. Constitution guarantees individual freedoms, the ability to pay for college tuition, to own a car, and to live in the free time. The first of them states the following requirements: the application of all civil rights to the individual, the freedom of his own speech, press and other mass media, the absence of any state authority, the authority of the individual to act only within the framework of his own legitimate interests.

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    This plan of action also includes such provisions as the establishment of freedom of activity in the framework of the First Amendment, the prohibition of state authority over the behavior of the citizen in the sphere of private life, the right to equal treatment of women and men, the increase of the opportunities for such groups of citizens, as they have become equal.

    In the framework of the Fourth Amendment, there is a presumption of the fairness of the treatment of individuals, a lack of fear of persecution, and a presumption of respect for the state, the elimination of any conditions or obligations of criminal activity, the adoption of the rights and freedoms of citizens, their approval or condemnation.

    The changes in the attitude towards the individual are manifested, in particular, in the interpretation of the concept of freedom of the person as the subject of the action of the application of the American Dream. The modern interpretation of the concept of freedom includes the freedom of individual entrepreneurship, of course, the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, as well as social responsibility, duty, power, and aggression.

    The number of Americans who believe that the society is obliged to ensure a certain leveling of the results of citizens’ activities through reforms increased in recent years. They state that there is no exemplary equality of opportunities in real life, and poverty is unacceptable in a developed modern society.

    Such a worldview difference seriously influences the approaches and conclusions of American researchers addressing the problem of economic inequality. The discrepancies between theories are also determined by the difference in methodological and methodical approaches, used sources.

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    In general, all researchers can be divided into optimists and pessimists.