How to write introduction for domestic violence paper

How to write introduction for domestic violence paper

The introduction for domestic violence research paper is the first section of the paper. It is initiated by providing the thesis, purpose, thesis, object and its arguments. You need to describe the essence of the thesis, describe why some hypothesis is proposed in this article and substantiate it. To illustrate, in a how to stop domestic violence essay, the author can say that violence is a pattern that often happens in an integrated family. Turning to the point of the individualization of the family, the author can say that cruelty is an important element of family interactions. Senior citizens of the family (who become the objects of physical and moral attacks) become the most vulnerable persons completely dependent on the adult authority, authority of the husband, the leader of the family. At the same time, care for children is increasingly regarded as the most important social impact of family conflicts.

The consequences of inflicting violence on the family in the modern society are extremely serious. There is a risk of relapse (assuming the influence of socio-psychological conditions on the family) into the social environment. In the future, the effects of abuse on a woman can be organized by dividing them into physical (diseases, severe bodily harms, etc.) and moral (violence, exploitation, selfishness, etc.).

Mention in your juvenile delinquency essay that more than 70% of adolescents with deviant behavior have experience of physical violence (this estimate is very close to the prediction of modern crimes based on the results of empirical research). But there is a chance that the situation will change. If you want to cause changes in the behavior of parents and the appearance of children, it is necessary to change the method of punishment and extend the benefits of social therapy.

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Psychological violence and ways to determine it

The essence of the whole experience of social work with children and adolescent cruelty lies in the course of the transition from the individual to the collective unconsciousness, an unconscious sense of fear of the opponent of the family. The manifestations of psychological violence include those which happen:

  • Phrases like “I want to get rid of this burden.”
  • Constant anxiety, frustration, anger.
  • Expression of aggressive thoughts, complaints, and other negative manifestations.
  • The initiation of social contact with the offender (communication, friendship, etc.).
  • The maintenance of broken personal relationships.
  • Failure to fulfill the requested wishes, for example, freedom of expression, second marriage, etc.
  • The perception of the offender as a kind of lawless person.
  • The criminal nature of the relationship.
  • The extended family.
  • Topics for writing on domestic violence.

    Writing the material on domestic violence and child abuse, you should mention that more than 70% of adolescents with deviant behavior have experience of physical violence (this estimate is very close to the percentage of aggressive teenagers studied in the USA). But there is a gender difference in the nature of violence. Girls are more likely to face violence within the family, boys – outside a home. Girls are beaten at a younger age, usually before the adolescent period, boys – already being the teenagers.

    A culture of physical abuse in the family can be preserved for several generations. The psychology of violence becomes part of the personality of a child who has been ill-treated. The personality of a good parent is formed and develops based on the traumatic experiences of a parent. A number of myths about violence in the family can be found on the Internet, but most of them have an element of common-sense.

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    According to statistics, parents who use physical methods of punishment towards children often come from dysfunctional families. They also suffered from the cruelty of relatives in childhood.

    In addition, adolescents are subject to other physical abuse, including physical abuse, sexual, psychological, and economic.

    Summing up, it should be stated to stop the violence essay that, regardless of the nature of the relationship between the child and the parents, each party should be responsible for his own behavior. Even in the case of such a severe case, the need for social support is the main thing that determines the behaviour of the child in the family.

    The importance of social support is founded on the experience of suffering of those children who, due to inexpressiveness, have not yet fully understood this concept and do not have a clear indication of the difference between simple sympathy and true empathy.

    The next important factor to consider in the parenting research paper is the importance of care in the relationship between the child and the parents. The need for attention is the quality of the communication with the child, the desire for full-fledged education, for follow-up training, and support in the organization of activities.

    The example of a child is the upbringing process which is often not completed by girls. They need both daily and professional help with childcare.