How to write my personal essay!?

How to write my personal essay!?
So i have to write a personal essay for school, the title is “write a personal essay on what you consider to be the marvels of today’s world” and I’m completely stuck. She said not to write about the typical stuff like technology so i have no clue I need help. Quickly!

Nuclear Power. Great topic, so much to write about, you can also add your own personal opinion into the mix (if you support it or not). Here are some topics you can discuss in your paper….

-How is nuclear power created? (this should take up at least a page of writing).
-How much of the worlds energy is from nuclear power vs. the burning of fossil flues.
-What are the pros and cons (is it dangerous?)
-Some of the disasters such as chernobyl and the recent japan incident.

There are endless things to talk about in this subject.