How to write on environmental issues of water pollution

How to write on environmental issues of water pollution

The underwater environment is considered as one of the most environmentally friendly spaces on the planet. Under the influence of human, it changes dramatically the way they live and the way that they view the world. The deep sea levels are influenced by the gravity of the oceans and tides. Oceans absorb 90% of all radiation received from the Earth. This makes the water practically unsuitable for immersion in which the radioactive elements are formed. Normal temperatures and pressures at the surface of the sea reach 60-65 degrees C. Under such conditions, water is completely oxidized by bacteria, which leads to toxic effect. The accumulated waste pollutes the water supply. The eutrophication process is observed.

It should be mentioned in a water pollution essay that the consequences of thermal influence cause huge damage to natural ecosystems and lead to a harmful change in the human environment. Negative impacts can be divided into the following groups:

  • economic (losses due to reduced productivity of reservoirs, costs to eliminate the effects of pollution);
  • social (aesthetic damage due to landscape degradation);
  • Radioactive isotopes or radionuclides (radioactive forms of chemical elements) accumulate within food chains since they have a stable nature. In the process of radioactive decay, the nuclei of atoms of radioisotopes emit elementary particles and electromagnetic radiation. This process begins simultaneously with the formation of the radioactive chemical element and continues until all its atoms are transformed by the action of radiation into the atoms of other elements.

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    Each radioisotope is characterized by a certain half-life – the time for which the number of atoms is halved. Since the half-life of many radioactive isotopes is very long (for example, millions of years), their constant radiation can eventually lead to terrible consequences for living organisms inhabiting water bodies into which liquid radioactive waste is dumped.

    Nuclear water pollution research paper topics are very relevant due to the fact that radiation destroys tissues of plants and animals, leads to genetic mutations, infertility, and at sufficiently high doses – to death. The mechanism of the effect of radiation on living organisms has not yet been finally clarified, and there are no effective ways to mitigate or prevent negative consequences. But it is known that radiation accumulates, i.e. repeated irradiation with small doses may eventually act in the same way as a single strong irradiation.

    Information for a “How to prevent water pollution?” essay

  • When designing, building, reconstructing, commissioning economic and other facilities, as well as implementing new technological processes, their influence on the state of water bodies and the surrounding environment must be taken into account. It is necessary to provide for the creation of closed systems of technical water supply. Design and construction of straight-through systems of technical water supply, as a rule, are not allowed.

    Mention in a research paper on sources of water pollution that the following facilities should not be put into operation:

  • economic and other objects, including filtering accumulators, urban and other landfills that are not equipped with devices and treatment facilities that prevent pollution, clogging, depletion of water bodies;
  • water intake and waste disposal facilities without fish protection devices, equipment that takes account of the taken and discharged waters;
  • irrigation, watering and drainage systems, reservoirs, dams, canals, and other hydraulic structures before measures to prevent harmful effects on water are taken;
  • hydraulic structures without fish protection devices, water intake, and other hydraulic structures without established zones of sanitary protection and observation points for control of indicators of the state of water bodies;
  • structures and devices for transportation and storage of petroleum, chemical and other products without equipping them with means to prevent contamination of water bodies, control and measuring equipment for detecting the leakage of these products.
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    It’s also important to write in a “Water pollution solutions” essay that the transition to a system of emission standards takes place now. The ES is determined for each particular source of emissions in such a way that the aggregate emissions from all sources in the region do not exceed the established standard. The use of ES facilitates the planning and control of environmental activities, increases the responsibility of the enterprises for compliance with environmental requirements and eliminates conflict situations.

    Out of the total amount of sewage, 69% part is conditionally clean, 18% – contaminated and 13% – normally purified. Strict criteria for dividing industrial wastewater into normatively purified, contaminated and conditionally clean are absent.