How to write on friendship essay topics?

How to write on friendship essay topics?

Despite the modern cult of self-deception, there are still those who do not fear others and do not exploit others. Let’s clarify why, and for what reasons they are inclined to compassion and respect others.

Burying the feelings of fear, deceiving the real picture of relationships, minimization of the nature of interpersonal interactions, their predisposition to the psychological consequences of their attitudes and behavior, the increase in the number of self-deceptions. The fallacy of egoism is manifested in the inability of a person to maintain own dignity, self-esteem and dignity, an unwillingness to compromise with others, an increase in the number of self-deceptions. The decrease in the number of self-deceptions is due to the improvement of the quality of interpersonal communication. In the process of communication, interpersonal relationships are transformed into the basis of mutual service, the highest value of which is the sense of connection between the lines, the exchange of rewards (social and professional benefits, benefits, privileges, etc.) and mutual responsibility (an important right, duty, privilege, etc.).

In order to increase the breadth and depth of this sense, more and more people begin to speak about friendship, and this process is reflected in the aesthetic sense of the word. Hithers of communication with friends change their texture, the meaning of such concepts is expanded. The overlap of friends and friends increases. The subject is recalled in the process of communication with peers, as if the conversation with them was no less important than the discussion with itself. In fact, this is not true. For sure, friendly communication inevitably includes some element of subjective aspiration to the fact that other people are better than the discussion with itself, that the conversation with a friend is more fruitful than the discussion with itself, etc.

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Considering the psychological arguments for friendship essay, it’s worth stressing that, in general, the unconscious need for feedback and the desire for it actually takes the place of the subconscious need for the stimulation of deep feelings. The unconscious need is represented in the characteristic flow of self-doubt and indecency which, however, can’t be explained by simply ignoring the feelings of a person. That is why such human qualities as honesty, dignity, loyalty, responsibility, openness, unselfishness, simplicity are not false for a sacrificial person. These are genuine qualities of his nature.

Nevertheless, a person can’t complain that society is unfair to him. Intimate, personal relationship with another person is not replaced by external, social stereotypes. And although the idealization of interpersonal relationships is often promoted by social stereotypes, the reverse situation sometimes falls into the reverse path: people create a societal image of themselves which is close to the ideal image. Thus, for a sacrificial individual, relationship with others is often the best definition for a positive feeling.

Although, according to initial assumptions, all these concepts are sometimes considered as oppositional in some respects. The abundance of personal negative feelings allows them to accumulate, accumulate, to the majority of the population, which in turn, adversely affects the quality of work and opportunities in the public organization, the level of income, human resources. Therefore, there is a reason to assume that, in addition to personal moral issues, there are additional psychological factors which should be described in essays on friendship for students.

The group is a heterogeneous, differentiated group which is characterized by high heterogeneity and even ambiguity in many objective and subjective criteria. This prevents the understanding of the common interests of representatives of the group.

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The lack of communication leads to the fact that the individual does not know the real picture of partner’s personality, has a selfishness and a personal approach to his activities. In such scenarios, his attitude towards the objective reality is usually equated with the attitude of the individual to the objective reality.

Significant psychological separation between groups, the imbalance of interests and obligations is observed. The need for communication is suppressed and sublimated, in the light of which, all concrete details and interactions are performed in the service of the individual.

The theoretical and practical material for friendship essay should clarify the relationship between theory and practice in the field of sociology. The only part of which is connected with the subject is the sphere of communication. The nature of interpersonal communication is completely determined by the number of contacts.

The range of possible ways to generate economic and cultural value of contacts varies. The dynamics of their development is determined by the position of the individual in the class structure of society, in the system of social values, etc. Moreover, this determines the degree of selectivity of contacts, their stability and psychological depth (intimacy).

Based on the above, you can specify the social roles of friendship in social psychology:

  • Intimacy. The level of the relationship between individuals is determined by the totality of their combined contacts, their high personal importance, the high degree of mutual knowledge, the high level of mutual understanding, the high level of shared experience.
  • Communication.