How to write on genetic engineering essay topics?

How to write on genetic engineering essay topics?

Despite increasing popularity of such assignments, students and sometimes even teachers do not know how to write an essay on genetic engineering. Because of this, there is a misunderstanding of the basic principles. As the result, the student gets something between the abstract and the scientific article.

In fact, the essay is a small written work of a creative nature. Its author expresses his thoughts about some relevant problem, justifies own vision of its essence in a free manner.

Consider the main features of this type of work:

  • Small volume that traditionally ranges from two to seven pages. This causes such peculiarities of processing and presentation of material as the absence of a strict plan, division into chapters and removal of introduction or conclusion to a separate page.
  • The narrow focus. Because of the small amount of work, it is impossible to analyze many aspects of the phenomenon under study. The need to comply with the size limits makes it necessary to concentrate all attention on one central genetic engineering essay thesis which can be supported by secondary statements.

  • Presence of own opinion. In fact, everything is built around the views of the author, the subsequent proof of their objectivity.
  • Free style. Writing an essay involves the use of journalistic style, rejection of complex language. At the same time, it is better to avoid the use of spoken words, jargon, household names.
  • Use of theses and arguments. In contrast to the abstract, the essay is built on the statement of certain theses which should be confirmed with several arguments. The main part has the structure “thesis – arguments – new theses – new arguments”.
  • The possibility of using a creative approach in the presentation of own views. You are not limited to any rigid framework, so you can provide arguments in any form: examples, paradoxes, personal experience and description of some phenomenon. It is allowed to add quotations, aphorisms, statements that can attract the attention of the reader.
  • Environmental study. The conclusions of the research conducted on the basis of different researches on the effect of genetic engineering on organisms should be clearly documented. All theses and arguments are logically connected, and the conclusions drawn from them are confirmed. If it is important to indicate any conclusions, they should be logically concluded.
  • Use of examples. It is a very useful part of the essay. You can provide examples from different studies or statements of scientists, study the conclusions of scientific experts. This will be a great help in the presentation of your work. But remember that you should not overdo with it. Give brief explanations of theses, without any lengthy explanation.
  • Internal unity. Despite the absence of strict requirements for the genetic engineering essay outline, all the arguments and theses presented must be connected with the answer to the main question.
  • Reason and evidence. The argument is a substantiation of the author’s words. You should evaluate the logical connection between the arguments and the statements, the logic of the argumentation, and so on. It is assumed that the reader can follow the course of the author’s reasoning without being distracted by unnecessary details.
  • Arguments. Argument is the substantiation of the author’s words. You should be careful when using this type of theses, because argument can be both true and false, and it is necessary to explain the discrepancy between them. If the argument is true, then the conclusion is not false. However, if the thesis is not true, it is necessary to indicate the error in order to avoid it.
  • Flawless presentation. The presentation of the material is excellent due to the ease of narration. However, if you want to impress the reader, it is necessary to make the language more formal. At the same time, the words should be understandable and close to the concept, the essence of the material is clearly stated in detail.
  • Accuracy. The presentation of the material is impeccable. All theses presented must be logically connected with the answers to the main question.
  • Complexity. The main part contains the calculation of the equations of the main part, integration of various operations with the theory of continuity of the material. The understanding of equations is important for the correct and understandable presentation of the text.
  • Reasoned analysis. This is one of the most important features of the essay. Users should be able to see how the finished text will be useful to them, whether the author will cope with the task. The author should also check the overall compliance with the rules of prose and formatting.
  • Integrity.
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