How to write on human rights essay topics?

How to write on human rights essay topics?

The problem of human rights, as one of the most topical and “fashionable”, constantly remains at the pages of newspapers and magazines, TV screens, is invariably present in speeches of statesmen, political leaders, parliamentarians, reports of participants in various scientific conferences. This issue is also used as a basis for new laws and programs which should affect the fundamental values of people.

To make the life of students easier, we have compiled a list of the free topics you can use as the experimental research for the essay on human rights.

  • Equality of people
  • The status of people is one of the most important social categories, since social identity is an independent value. In accordance with the Law of Development, it is impossible to evaluate the status of a citizen as a member of the population, since this question is based on the freedoms of the individual, the opportunities afforded by social mobility.

    Equality of people is based on freedom, justice and universal peace. It includes such aspects as individual rights, property, freedom of movement, citizenship, family, property, freedom of thought, conscience, religion, convictions, work, rest and education.

  • Equality of social status
  • In accordance with the Law of Development, all people are equal. There is no discrimination based on gender, race, language, religion or nationality. In addition, the rights and obligations of citizens are established on the basis of the equality of social status.

  • Equality of treatment
  • The ideal level of the treatment of people is high. We expect it to be higher in the future, depending on the achievements of people. The subject is the activity of the mind, the concept of the image of the world, the theme of human rights.

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    In the framework of civil society, it is the task of the majority of citizens to combat discrimination, to eliminate it, and to ensure that the rights and freedoms of citizens are respected. In Europe, it is also the task of the authorities to ensure the implementation of the basic provisions of human rights.

    The main achievement of law on human rights which may be described in the essay on human rights and development of society is the 1968 Convention on the Rights of the Man and of the Citizen, which provides for the protection of human rights in the democratic state of the world.

    Most countries of the world recognized the existence of international human rights law and courts which deal with cases of discrimination of people across the world. The role of the, formal and judicial protection of human rights is very important.

    A number of concepts of human rights (the right to life, liberty, security, adequate food, fair trial, freedom of movement, citizenship, family, property, freedom of thought, conscience, religion, work, rest, education, work, rest, freedom of thought, moral and social development, the absence of any discrimination in relation to the status of the offender, and the possibility of appeal to the jury.

    Stress in “Human rights and duties” essay that any discrimination is inadmissible. But there are special circumstances in life when a positive differentiation between people is possible. For example, special benefits and protection for pregnant and lactating women are not considered as discrimination (Maternity Protection Convention, 1952). The same applies to refugees (Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, 1951), children and adolescents (Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989), victims of torture (Convention Against Torture, 1984), mentally retarded persons (UN Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons, 1975), migrant workers (European Social Charter, 1961, UN Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families, 1990), racial and ethnic groups (International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, 1966).

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    Any benefits and restrictions may be established by the state only in the legislative order

    Each good “Justice and human rights” thematic essay example contains the description of the following benefits which were received by people in the course of the class struggle: the right to take part in the management of the state through parliamentary representation, the right to paid vacation, to fair remuneration for work, to participate in the management of enterprises, to act in the sphere of private property, and, especially, the right to street marches, rallies, demonstrations and strikes. Exactly the latter group of rights allows workers to correct the social, domestic and foreign policies of the ruling elite.

    Workers can be passive during parliamentary campaigns and referendums. But they are always active in political struggle. Through rallies, demonstrations, they can satisfy own social demands, directly influence the activities of government. The possibility of such legal pressure allows to preserve the social peace in developed countries of the world.

    The limitations of rights and freedoms depend on the specific conditions of existence of a particular nation and are established by each state independently.