How to write on the theme of military service in the United States?

How to write on the theme of military service in the United States?

As is clear from the above instruction, the composition of the military paper in the United States is the responsibility of the author. It is his own artistic expression which should be included in the evaluation of the work.

From the first appearance of this document, it was formulated in the mid-1960s. The then-famous writer, journalist, historian, political figure and nonviolent activist Lee Ginsberg, described the problem of the Vietnam War as the result of a series of mistakes leading to the loss of the credibility of the American idea about fighting for the ideal, the inability of the society to take the bull by the horns would remain in the past.

The document reveals the inner world of the American people, their attitude towards the military and their attitude towards any other, their willingness for participation in democratic struggles. The USA is said to be the freest country in the world. You can also note in “What does the American Dream mean to you?” essay that the term was somewhat abstracted from its historical context in scientific practice and political journalism. Supporters and opponents of the term began to use this term in the context of a discussion about whether the United States could stand “above the law” or be “excluded from the law”, in particular, with respect to any international obligations. The terminological confusion was created. A shift in the semantic emphasis and a deviation from the historical context took place.

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Defending the American Dream essay should convey the fact that many of those who adhere to the idea of traditional “American exclusiveness” agree that the United States must fully comply with international public law and act only within its framework. But, for the reasons mentioned above, “American exclusivity” and the messianic role of the United States are seen as an excuse for expansionism.

For contemporary critics of the United States, an American world expansion and aggressive foreign policy became the main counterarguments in the discourse about the uniqueness of the US idea. For example, the famous American intellectual Howard Zinn, in the book “A People’s History of the United States”, claimed that there are such horrific examples of the “immorality” manifestations in American history that this country has no right to be a model of virtue. In turn, the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr argued that America’s belief that it brings an exceptional good will ultimately lead to a moral disintegration of society.

It’s difficult to disagree with it. Historically, the United States is one of the most expansionist powers of our time. Use this fact in the essay on the American Dream and how it affects the most vulnerable peoples of the world. “Expansion” began immediately after the unification of 13 small colonies on the eastern coast of North America. Then, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California were captured in 1846. By the middle of the 19th century, Washington had forced Britain to leave a number of territories in the northwestern part of the Pacific coast and established hegemony in the Western Hemisphere.

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Recall that in 1823, in a message to Congress, James Monroe, the fifth president of the US, proclaimed the so-called Monroe Doctrine. It stated that the countries of the American continent are a zone of the exclusive influence of the United States, and any attempt of intervention in their affairs on the part of Europe will be considered an act of aggression towards the United States. Moreover, the US reserved the right to preemptively strike the country threatening national interests. After the end of World War II, the geographical scope of the Monroe Doctrine expanded.

It is easy to prove that the idea of “American exceptionalism” is the basis for the Monroe Doctrine and all contemporary US foreign policy. This idea justifies any action on the part of the American leadership.

Today, certain circles of US conservatives think that the idea of exclusivity will work in their interests. According to polls, this is true. The majority of the Americans (80%) agree with the assertion that the United States is a unique country due to its history and Constitution, which distinguish it from others as the greatest nation in the world.

Proceeding from all of the above, you can make the following conclusion in “Is the American Dream still attainable?” essay: the modern US idea provides the work of a giant imperialist machine – not an ideal that should find a response in the heart of any inhabitant of our planet.

It’s worth emphasizing here that the cult of force is developed in the US. It plays the leading role in the establishment of Social Darwinism. In the opinion of American politicians, the racial “struggle for life” is an unchanging biological foundation of international relations.

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Ideologists, geopoliticians and political leaders of the United States understand perfectly well that personal consumption, which actually determines the framework of the national ideal, has rigid “limits of growth”. There are not enough resources on the Earth.