How to write on violence essay topics

How to write on violence essay topics

In a broad sense, the term “violence” is a general concept formed by several related phenomena: systematic cruelty, more individual (individual) violence, a wide range of threat and intimidation factors, domestic violence research.

Wrong behavior of staff is manifested in the commission of various acts of violence against employees, members of their families and others. The consequences can be expressed in the form of material damage, lost profits and being unable to perform public functions.

Members of family violence research committees are guided by an important function of the state in the implementation of which is prevention of violence. The state has a duty to protect citizens from abuse and neglect. The prevention of violence is a combination of several factors: communal society, state regulation of the situation in the family, social support, legal and cultural regulation, role modeling.

So, your essay about family violence should describe topical problems and propose effective solutions. The activity of employees in the family should be aimed at prevention of cruelty, ensuring safety for the rights and dignity of the entire family. The social purpose of the measure is to ensure that family members, both in the family and in society as a whole, are aware of the seriousness of the problem of family violence and commit difficult actions in order to minimize and prevent it.

The phenomenon of violence is a social institution, which is characterized by a number of dynamic characteristics:

  • One of the main characteristics is the presence of recurring incidents (patterns) in a relationship. The pattern is an important indicator of the difference between systematic cruelty and simple conflict situation. In order for a family conflict to fall into the category of domestic violence, it must be repeated at least twice. If the conflict has a local isolated character, then the cruelty has a repetitive nature and consists of incidents that follow one after another. The conflict usually has some specific problem that can be solved at once.
  • The second fundamental difference between domestic violence and other aggressive acts is the peculiarities of the relationship between the object and the the the on the basis of which the conflict takes place. Unlike a crime committed on the street by a stranger, domestic violence occurs in relations between close people, including spouses or sexual partners, children, other relatives.
  • As studies show, domestic violence has a clear gender orientation in various countries of the world. Most often, women become the victims. Ladies resort to cruelty mostly after they repeatedly have been in the offended position. Often, women abuse force against men as a way of self-defense. They try to end the cruel male attitude towards themselves. Only a few women systematically use violence to rule over others. Not many wives have the physical strength necessary for this type of aggression. In addition, women, unlike men, are deprived of cultural approval of the use of force.
  • It should be noted in domestic violence papers that, of course, not only woman suffers in a critical situation. Speaking about the danger posed by domestic violence and the extent to which it influences the life of society, it is worth mentioning that even if the violence is directed against a stranger, all other forms of violence are still applicable.
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    The difference between domestic violence and other aggressive acts is the strangulation of the development of the victim. In the process of communication with the offender, he starts to breathe air, passes the boundary between love and hate, becomes free from the influence of expectations. Without the mediator, the person with the other partner is exposed to increased danger.

    The air of a person is determined by the content of his consciousness and thoughts. In other words, the victim is forced to consciously cooperate with the offender. Hence his consciousness and the level of his thinking is determined. The laws of interaction with the offender are aimed at restricting the possibility of abuse, attempting to eliminate it, or exacerbating the situation.

    The situation of domestic violence in the family can be characterized as violence against children. Almost always, the object of the violence is a woman. Often, women become the victims of physical abuses. Also, women become the victims of sexual harassment.

    The relevance of the domestic violence essays is determined by the fact that the phenomenon of violence has been largely viewed as a women’s issue in the media. In the early 2000s, the misconception of violence as a women’s form of behavior was widely spread. However, the behavior of men is not always acceptable to women.

    The culture of some cultures is contradictory in the way it views the victim. The offender is often praised for the actions, the victim is criticized for the alleged crimes. There is a difference between friends and lovers in the hierarchy of values.

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    Men and women can behave in different ways, but all this can be easily understood. The difference is an important logical basis for the study of male and female violence.