How to write really good argumentative essays in 15 mins?

How to write really good argumentative essays in 15 mins?
I suck at argumentative writing… I can never finish them in under 15 mins and that is how much time we get for essays in a test I’m sitting soon.
I always get up to the rebuttal, I think it’s because I do such a long intro. but the everyone is always ranting about how important a intro is.
Also how do you use emotive language? Some time it comes naturally while other times I’m just sitting there staring idiotically at the blank piece or paper and trying to grab at every idea spiraling in my mind. I find creative writing way easier because you can just make it up and no one will judge you.
Anyway my main questions:
What, in your opinion makes a good argumentative essay?
and how does someone incorporate those things in their writing?
~ The one and only.

Good argument essays prove their point well. You have to take a firm position, none of this well, in the middle crap, and make your points. Write your intro, in which you tell a little about the issue, and then state your position. Then, give the reasons why that is your position, and with each one give evidence. “I think ______ because _______.”. The evidence can be logic, scientific, or a quote from your mom, as long as it proves your point. The best thing about quotes though is that you can make them up. But only make up ones by your mom, or someone’s you know. Don’t claim Obama said something you never heard him say.
The easiest way to format a paper is:
Evidence (poin and evidence repeats each paragraph)

Make your position quick. I’ve lost a lot of time before deciding on a position, and then not had enough to write