How to write rhetorical analysis essay?

How to write rhetorical analysis essay?
I’m in AP Lang and Composition for Juniors in my high school. Currently, I’m struggling with Rhetoric.
In class, I learned how to analyze the reading piece. I can figure out the rhetorical devices and the theme. BUT the problem is my teacher didn’t teach how to put together and write a rhetorical essay.
I truly need help in how to write rhetorical analysis essay. I have to write an essay next week and I’m really afraid 🙁

A rhetorical analysis is really easy to write once you get the hang of it. Pick out a few quotes from the piece that you think are significant, list the quote in the body of your paragraph and then explain the rhetorical devices that the author uses and how it is important to the story.

For example:

In the novel, “A Sunny Kind of Storm”, the author shows the effect that a single moment can have on a person’s life. She uses juxtaposition in the title of the novel, choosing to describe the storm as sunny which congers conflicting message. It gives the reader a feeling that things can be happy and terrible at the same time.

In the beginning of the story, the author creates a whimsical feeling which is suddenly challenged with a tone shift. “We walked along the street, arm in arm, humming a familiar tune. Suddenly I stopped. She saw it too. In the middle of the road. In a flash, everything had changed.” The author used a long flowing sentence followed by several short sentences. This tactic was used to grab the reader’s attention and quickly change the atmosphere of the scene. The short sentences create a starkly different, tense, and ominous feeling. ……..