How to write the American Dream essay?

How to write the American Dream essay?

It is worth noting in the American Dream research paper that the study of the modern American Dream is based on the tradition of classifying successes and failures. The subject of the analysis is the period of transition from the dominant ideology to dominant ideology. In this regard, it is one of the most important subjects for the curriculum of the West. So, the American Dream is a set of socially useful ideas about the world that failed to take off during the last 20 years of the last century.

The concept of the American Dream was formed in the first half of the 1910s. At this time, the broad creative freedom of the world’s population was created. The United States of America were at the center of the new land fund. The entire state system was stabilized. The next period of the development of the United States was characterized by the rapid rates of economic growth. To date, this process is called the era of transition from the center to the periphery. The entire contemporary American history is the result of a gradual shift towards the centre.

A number of mistakes in the system of capitalist relations can be highlighted in the essay about the American Dream. The topic of the conversation with John Gertz and Friedrich Engels was different – it was primarily a question of the necessity of labor. At the end of the 1904-1909, the process of social mobility was severely strengthened. The number of Americans living in the top 10% increased from 6 to 12 million people, and the share of the labor force employed in agriculture increased from 3.6 to 6.4 million.

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There were new, more efficient ways of extracting the labor force, which, however, did not lead to a fundamental change in the class structure of the United States. As a result, the wages of American workers have grown significantly. By 1922, the average income of US workers was 13.5 times higher than earnings in England. The expense of American employers was 12 times higher than wages in England.

In the mid-1920s, the real wages of American workers were already 13 times higher than earnings in England. But still, the difference in the treatment of workers is unmistakable. In 1919, the USA’s labor laws were criticized in the fullest form of the anti-unionist campaign which did not leave England. The trade unions were so active that they sometimes provoked mass emigration of the employed population.

The number of workers employed in agriculture increased in the 1920s. As a rule, this was the result of the action of industrial and agricultural corporations whose interests were determined by the need for profit.

The number of people employed in agriculture increased in the 1930s. As of the end of the 1940s, there were more than 50 thousand farmers. The number of their workers was 3.5 times higher than the number agricultural workers.

Agriculture increased in volume and strength of the agrarian sector in the 1950-1960s. The percentage of people employed in agriculture increased from 6 to 12 million to 15 million, and the volume of agricultural production increased by 40 times. The economic situation of farmers was not simple (at the end of the 20th century), but still more prosperous than the situation of other Americans.

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The economic progress, as well as the “Decade of Prosperity” in general, collapsed in 1929-1933 due to the global economic crisis. F. Roosevelt, leader of the Democratic Party, singled out its main reason, which may be formulated in “Cause of income inequality in the United States” essay as follows: the rapid growth of labor productivity observed in America in the 1920s was not supported by the necessary taxation of corporations and the redistribution of rapidly rising profits. The interests of the majority of the society were not taken into account.

The productive capacities of the nation have continuously increased. But consumer opportunities have changed little due to the selfishness and omnipotence of big business which can be stressed as the most significant negative factors in reasons for income inequality essay. Under such conditions, overproduction, unemployment and economic collapse became inevitable. These tendencies were followed by the fundamental reformist slogan of Roosevelt: the main efforts of the government should be aimed at radical transformation of the distribution sphere, the approval of distributive justice.

The radical reform of the distribution system aimed at expanding the purchasing power (demand) of the bulk of the population (lower and middle classes) was symbolically described by Roosevelt himself as “pump-priming”. In the scientific literature, this model and the totality of the measures included in it have become known as the demand economy. With its theoretical justification, a Keynesian economics emerged.

Among the social reforms of the New Deal, the creation of the national social insurance system can be regarded as the most important in poverty vs wealth essay. Two of its central components, old-age and unemployment insurance, became the main pillars of the American social state and, subsequently, were not questioned by any of the political forces, were recognized and perfected by both liberals and conservatives.