How to write the American Dream paper?

How to write the American Dream paper?

If you are one of those people who do not have time to read books, write “The America I see in the daily news” essay. The statistics of today’s statistics show that very often the nation and the world are getting ready for the new form of communication that, most likely, will be presented in the new form by the society itself. The form of the country and its citizens are changing in all ways. The pattern is an integral part of how the society is evolving and becoming more diverse. In today’s world, there are many cultures and nations fighting for the domination of the new world, and the main weapon of the victor is still the information which people transmit between their words and actions.

An example of the effective fight against bribery which may be described in politics and corruption essay is Operation Clean Hands conducted in Australia in order to eliminate any social misc business regardless of the status in which employees are. The campaign showed staggering results. In the process of action against corrupt officials, more than $530 million was spent. The victims were both officials and ordinary citizens.

A culture of political patronage that allows to directly influence the management system and the creation of a system of supervisors that can be trusted. The precedent was established in the 1940s. One of the leaders of the BNP party, L. Rhodes, was given an assignment to investigate corruption in the country. In 1950, the first Law School was established in Melbourne, which later became a KGB headquarters. The school was called the Victors’ College. The main principle of the school was strict discipline – a strict and rigid subordination of official relations between the students and teachers.

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The method of punishment and rewards proved to be effective: the level of bribery has significantly fallen in the last 30 years of government rule. Local authorities appeal to the population, and this is one of the strongest reasons for secular elections.

The philosophy of law in the USSR was developed which, in particular, introduced a very strict and rigid censorship. One of the main principles of the criminal code of laws was the imposition of a ban on publishing, publishing or distributing anything that could “cause harm and damage”. This criterion included such things as serfdom, body of literature, fairs, etc.

No less than 30 years later, the curtain were closed. The library of the KGB was destroyed, and its employees were sent to prison. But before the fall of the Soviet Union, the internet did not exist, and this challenge was solved at the very beginning of the journey.

In the 1960s, in another country of the world, the cult of growth and market influence was popularized. The idea of “The America I know” was so powerful that the politicians used it as a basis for the promotion of the idea of “American exclusiveness”. The country gained the status of one of the most industrialized countries of the world. The Soviet dream was embodied in the ideology of the Enlightenment, which, in the process of adaptation with the life of the majority, replaced the old values. The strength of the Revolution was explained not only by the change in the attitude of the society to itself but also by the transformation of the idea of the world. The British Enlightenment, which awakened the desire of human to improve the world, led to a new sense of self-respect in the hearts of the participants.

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Such ideas, gains traction when the American Dream intellectual sources are studied. The shifting of the American Dream argumentative essay is aimed at confirming the thesis statement. The subject may be some European political system or the American Dream, both of which are explicitly stated in the text.

How to write the American Dream essay?

The essay is a kind of written work of the second part of the creative process which is characterized by the absence of a strict and rigid framework. Its author should express his thoughts briefly, simply, and the message – to the reader, although this work is often characterized by a considerable scale of analysis, in particular, of the United States, and the specific history of the United States in the period of its most aggressive presidency.

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Usually, the audience of the speech is a public audience, so the choice of the topic for the speech is not obligatory. However, if you have access to the database of the American newspapers, it is a better choice to correct the current state of the American Dream essay. The topic should be suitable for a research paper, as the topic is highly topical for the modern world.

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