How to write the best Argumentative/Persuasive Essay?

How to write the best Argumentative/Persuasive Essay?
Hi I have an English Final coming up this week and my English teacher says it will be some sort of persuasive essay. She says the class will find out what our topic will be on the day we have her for our Finals. I was wondering how do I create the best Persuasive/Argumentative Essay within just two hours or less?

To be more specific how do I create the best Introduction Paragraph, the best Body Paragraphs, and the best Conclusion Paragraph for this kind of essay. And how do I keep these paragraphs short but be still powerful, relevant, sufficient, and just makes the reader, my teacher, understand EXACTLY what I’m explaining and why my opinion is correct.

I just need some help because I struggle sometimes when it comes to essays like this. I end up sometimes having to make up some kind opinion I know could not be true or relevant. And I don’t want to end up not finishing the persuasive essay within the two hour bloc. My teacher says this is a PASS or FAIL Final.

So whoever answers my question please I need an answer ASAP, at within a few hours. Please Help Me Please. Thank You. 🙂

I suppose my answer is a bit late :/

Finishing an essay within an hour isn’t really a challenge.
The best way to get a good mark isn’t necessarily to blow your teacher away with your write skills, but to display competency in using the techniques you’ve learnt.
You opinion for you essay doesn’t need to be how you feel either. I found it was actually easier to write about things which weren’t all that important to me, or opposite to what I actually believe.
The important thing is to choose a point of view you can write easily and rationally about, not something which brings up a lot of emotion.
If you structure your paragraphs well, use evidence, and write calmly you should do fine.
For your introduction
You want to give your main point of view, and some small identification of what your arguements will be. You might also want to give a little bit of overview about your topic. (Your intro should be no longer than 10% of your essay length). For the conclusion you want to restate your point of view, and give a statement basically saying that after this, you couldn’t possibly disagree.